How to Use the Clover 6-in1-Stick & Stitch Guide Hi, Welcome back to Serger Tip Clips. Today I am going to show you a fantastic little
notion that I found and it’s made by the Clover Company. They make all sorts of wonderful notions but
this one is their 6-in-1 Stick and Stitch guide. I have to be careful saying that it’s a
little bit tricky, but it’s very easy to use that’s the good news. And this was very helpful for me when I was
serging the edges together on my binding for my Triangulate The Tee. Sometimes I would find it a little bit difficult
to manage slippery or very stretchy knits while I was serging, they sometimes wandered
a little bit even under the foot. If you ever needed a little extra help or
wished you had a little extra help managing narrow pieces of fabric with your sewing machine
or your serger, the stick and stitch guide is the perfect tool for you. So let’s go to the machine and I’ll show
you how to use it. I’ve got my binding cut and pressed wrong
sides together and I cut it about an inch and three quarters full width. Let me show you, and it’s folded together,
and I have it positioned so that the knife is just going to skim off a teeny tiniest
bit of the edge. I want to keep this aligned perfectly. So, this is very sticky on the back and I’m
going to place this on the bed of the machine just against the folded edge and just a little
bit past those needles so that I know it stays exactly where I need it to be. Very sticky and sturdy it’s not going to
move and now I’m ready to stitch. I’ve got the folded edge of the binding
against the little guide and you can see I’m probably just going to skim off a little bit
with my knife here and there. But by and large, I am not trimming off too
much. I am really letting that little guide do all
of the hard work of keeping the binding perfectly straight and uniform from beginning to end. You can see that the binding is exactly the
same width as I go along. The pattern that I referenced in this tip
clip, Triangulate The Tee, is available on my website and here’s the link. It’s available as a downloadable or in print. Thanks for joining me, and I’ll see you
again soon for another Serger Tip Clip.

Clover 6-in-1 Stick & Stitch Tool
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