– Stir ’em up, spin ’em around. (sausage sizzling) I’m Cody Milan, number 23,
senior on the hockey team and this is a day in the life. (gentle music) (coffee pot clattering) This is one of my favorite
parts of the day right here. Gotta have the coffee. – [TV Host] In a major after
squandering that at one point– – Going to class, you know, I like to look nice, like to dress up. I think it’s pretty cool to, you know, show off your personality a little bit. And you know you gotta
start with the shoes. There’s some Air Forces right here. I really like these but it’s kind of a crappy
day out, so we’ll see. Got the CDG Converses. Might have to go with these,
match with a black sweatshirt. Um, these are pretty cool
with the red bottoms, the Christian Louboutins. I don’t know about those. I think they’re a little
too nice for today. Got some Timberlux Chelsea boots. These are really cool,
I really like these. My dad got these for Christmas for me. I don’t know, I think
I’m just gonna risk it. Even though it’s a bad day, I’m gonna go with the
all white Air Forces. Let’s do it. (upbeat music) What’s up Elias? (upbeat music) (printer whirring) (water splashing) (student chattering indistinctly) – Alright, we’re gonna
go ahead and get started. So today, we’re gonna be throwing a good amount of material at y’all. Anecdotal evidence, it’s
kinda like what Nexy said. You have to kind of take, like, take it with a grain of salt. Like this one time, there are plenty of times
where you can hear a story, where it might either cooperate
or it might go against what a stereotype that you know of. – So just be cognizant of your
positionality, and you know, I think, again it kinda goes back to a lot of it is privileges. What privileges might you have? Because everyone has privileges
to a different capacity and different spaces and so on. – I think that people can really
understand discrimination, but I don’t think that
everyone can, like, feel it. Like feel like how that
other person would feel, that was being discriminated against. But I think that people can
definitely understand it. ‘Sup? Just got done with class, me and Oz, had some engaging conversations
in there with the teachers. It was pretty beneficial,
pretty educational and feelin’ pretty hungry, so we’re gonna get some
lunch right now, so let’s go. (upbeat music) 13, the Original Italian. Gonna get it Mike’s Way. Comes with like a oil,
seasoning, lettuce, tomato. I’m gonna go no onion though,
I’m not a big onion guy. (workers chattering indistintly) Pretty good place to eat. (door creaking) What’s up? – Hey what’s up? – [TV] I’m just saying that the– – [Anthony] How’s it going? – [Cody] I got some– – My time has come. – [Cody] I got my roommate over here, number four, Anthony
Scarcelia, junior defenseman. – What’s going on guys? – We call him Scars or Scarci. Big cook, big cyclist, and fun fact, this guy’s been my best friend
since, uh, seventh grade. What’d you say? – [Anthony] Those are the big leagues. – Yeah. – [Anthony] A day in the
life and the radio show. – [Man] Have um, have
Scars tell you a joke. – I don’t make jokes. – [Cody] I don’t think a
lot of people even realize like, how close me and
Scars actually are like. – [Anthony] Oh yeah. – [Cody] I mean guys get here, like the freshman come in, and they’re like Scars and
Miles, they’re like good buddies, Like, people don’t realize that we go back through like, seventh
grade, like middle school, high school together, and now
we’re in college together. – Yeah, people, when people
start seeing pictures of like how young we actually looked,
that’s the biggest thing. Or like, when we’re like,
when we go home for Christmas. I mean, our families spend
Christmas Eve together. They’re like, people are like, wow. ♪ You got that beautiful ♪ ♪ Born with a kind of thing ♪ ♪ That comes so natural ♪ ♪ No, baby, don’t ever change ♪ ♪ ‘Cause I wonder if ♪ (laughs) – None of these guys have any idea what’s going on right now. No idea the camera’s in here. – [VR Player] There’s no way. – [Cody] I don’t think
he’s doing too good. I think he just does it. – Aww! ♪ Get out ♪ He’s lucky to sit by me. – Another gofus award winner. – Yeah, you know, another
gofus award winner. We have a lot of inside jokes. A lot of times he’ll come in
and just start screaming at me. (ice skates sliding) (puck banging) – Gonna open up for twenty. (whistle blows) Just got a little– – [Player] Yeah, you got that one Miles. – [Cody] I hope. I hope they got it. Here we’re slaying so keep up. – [Coach] Hey, what’s up boys and girls. – [Cody] Coach is talking,
we’re not listening. – [Player] Is that your dad? – [Cody] What’s up linemates? Former linemates, how’re
you feelin’ today? – [Player] I am so hot today. – [Cody] Somebody’s legs
are burning right now. His quads are on fire. Aw, nice save. – [Teammate] Go green on three. One two three. – [All Players] Go green! – Three sets of five dumbbell rows. Lift ’em. – Ah! (weights clanking) (clapping) – [Host] We’re joined by Cody Milan now for the Dan Cole show. Cody, welcome to the show. – [Cody] Thank you, thank
you, hello, glad to be here. – 12 points in the first two seasons. You exploded for 21 points last year. 15 so far this year,
more to come obviously. What’s been the biggest difference? – I’m just trying to work on like, the mental part of my game. I’m trying to stay confident. I think that was a big part. And, uh, you know I think
I’ve done a pretty good job. – [Host] Take us into the locker room after the game on Sunday,
what were you guys like? Obviously you got to sing the fight song. That had to be pretty exciting for you. – [Cody] Yeah, no, it was electric. Guys were really pumped up. You know it’s awesome to
sing the fight song after, especially after a sweep. I just finished the radio show. It’s been a fun day, went to class, went to practice, went to lift. And now I’m gonna go back and probably hang out, listen to some tunes, and then hit the hay. (upbeat music)

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