Hello, and welcome to Colorado AvidGolfers’ #GetGolfFit Series presented by Michelob Ultra. I’m Jason Witczak, the director of
instruction here at the club at Pradera and the Pinery Country Club located in Parker,
Colorado. We’re talking about club head speed again today. We have to also
remember though that every club has a heavy part. You can see here that the heavy
part is here. The drill that we’re going to do is going to prevent you from pulling
this golf club we never want to pull the golf club because then we forget that
the head of the golf club has to swing. So we’re going to use a pretty cool aid:
the Siri Stick. It’s a 4-pound stick right here. I’m balancing it perfectly
in the center. So when she swings this is really going to exploit the
weakness if she returns it on her backswing too flat. So as she swings this
back right here parallel to the ground you can see she doesn’t want to go this
way because then she’s forced to lift it. Something she was doing before. When
she’s at the top of her swing this four- pound weight is very light and then it
will allow her hand path to return similar to where it came from and that
allows her to swing this full, uninterrupted to her finish that’s your
Michelob ULTRA tip of the day.

Colorado AvidGolfer’s #GetGolfFit Series: Siri Stick Drill
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One thought on “Colorado AvidGolfer’s #GetGolfFit Series: Siri Stick Drill

  • January 6, 2019 at 7:41 pm

    Where do you find a siri stick? Couldn't find on amazon. Another name?


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