Hey guys, Jeff Lovecchio here owner of RIPT
hockey training and I’m Derek with Total Hockey and we’re in the gym today working on hockey
specific core exercises. So the first up, the Anti-Extension. You’re
going to grab a stability ball. We’re gonna have Derek come down onto his two knees. This
is the one you guys have all seen people doing in the gym. The biggest thing I want you to
focus on is a slightly rounded back, keeping your abs tight, sucking your belly button
to your spine. Now, he’s gonna push out with his hands as
soon as he feels his lower back dip we’re going to pause and then come back. Slightly
rounded back. We’re gonna go out, pause, and then come back. When you come back I want
you keeping those abs tight. Perfect. So, next we’re going to use one of these skillz
trainer bands. We’re gonna do, it’s the same as a good morning except here we’re going
to use a band. The partner who is going to do the exercise is gonna put it over his neck,
feet are going to be shoulder width apart. I want the weight in your heels. Derek grab
the bands so I’m not strangling you. I’m going to come down, hold the band. He’s going to
flex forward keeping his back rigid, pull up, squeeze the lower back. Get a two second
pause at the top there Derek. There we go. When you pause flex your lower back also your
glutes. Hockey player are all butts, we know that, right ladies? One more Derek, good.
Pause. and perfect. The last exercise we have is called the Pallof
Press it’s an anti-rotational exercise. If you have a partner he can hold the band like
we’re going to do or you can wrap on of these skillz bands around a pole and do it from
there. Derek, you’re going to hold the band. I will do this one, show you guys how it’s
done. So, the partner who’s doing the exercise is
going to step about two feet back all we’re going to do here. We’re going to push your
glutes slightly forward, flexing your glutes, lower back, and your abs. You’re going to
push out, hold for three, using these obliques here, come back in. We’re going to go out,
hold for three, come back in. This is an anti-rotation exercise so what we don’t want to see happen
is you turning like this. We want to fight that rotation that your body is going to want
to be doing from this external force. On these Pallof Presses I would shoot for
anywhere between six to ten reps, make sure you do both sides. We want to be strong on
both sides forehand and backhand. Also, you can’t choose what side a defensemen is going
to hit you when you’re battling. A few tips for these exercises. One, make
sure you’re focusing on the muscles you want to focus on. If you’re feeling that first
exercise, the anti-extension, in your lower back you’re not doing it correctly. You’re
probably going out too far. Two, to make that first exercise, the anti-extension, even harder
you can grab a pair of these skillz core wheels. These will make it much harder because now
it’s not in a fixed plane of motion, they can move any which way and you have to be
able to counteract that. If you’re looking for balls, bands or wheels.
You can find them at Total Hockey dot com by clicking right up there. If you enjoyed this video, subscribe to our
channel and if you want to see what Jeff is going to put me through next click that button
right down there. We’re gonna do some drills to work on your
core stability. Keep it tight!

Core Strength = Never fall on the ice! // Off-Ice Hockey Training
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