We’ve had this tournament now, it’s been going on for a number of years stretching all the way back to I think when rugby started in Jakarta and Indonesia as a whole, obviously with the Komodos, the ISCI Komodos as it was then. And it’s just awesome to get the kind of day that we’ve got today. It’s always just been the men’s competition but to be able to expand there’s been so much hard work by the parents, especially by the parents, setting up junior leagues, competitions, training people down on Saturdays, that’s borne fruit this year into the first-ever juniors competition. Welcome to the Jakarta 10s. This is the first ever Jakarta 10s that has a Junior tournament as well. It is absolutely fantastic. We have under 8 mini tournament, under 10, under 12 and under 14 tournaments going on here along side the seniors as well as a lots of women’s team come up to play against the Jakarta Komodos Women’s. Wouldn’t have happened without all their hard work, it’s nothing to do with the Senior sides, and that’s really been what’s so important in the run-up to today. Just the collaboration between everyone and also as a result of that, through work with organizations like the Mama Sayang orphanage and the Priscilla Hall Foundation. For the Komodo Women’s that’s now led to the first-ever women’s competition. And then there’s also the Vets, it’s the second time that we’ve had that here. That’s the people who were instrumental – both Indonesians and expats – in setting up Indonesian rugby in the first place and growing it over the years. And so here today you see the full gamut of Indonesian rugby. You’ve got the people who set it up back in the day and you’ve got these young teams, university teams with local talent, development sides from outside Jakarta and there’s even more that couldn’t make it today so there’s so much potential to grow and it shows what the future’s like. It’s really the marquee event of the year because we get to come together and celebrate it. A big part of the story is always the sponsors, especially Crown, which is our title sponsor for the 10s and has been for years. They’re just committed to the sport. Without the effort of people (sic) like Crown the company, the Priscilla Hall foundation and all the parents. The collective efforts of agents in the region bringing it together and of course PRUI (Indonesian Rugby Union). That’s the only reason we’re able to have something like today and that means that we can keep doing this in the future. And it’s just awesome.

Crown 2016 Jakarta International Rugby 10s Highlight
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