We are in Piestany on the preparation before the World Championship. The preparation consist of several things, like trainings on the land, on the ice, or video. Then we have masseurs, physiotherapists and such things, so a variety of factors, which all lead to the best possible success on the World Championship After each match, each training, the boys have two physiotherapists available, which take care of them, who stretch them either before the trainings of before the matches. It always has to be balanced. The applied load and the regeneration. The volume of the matches and the overall load is really high, so it must be balanced out: they must have regeneration and load. I think that it is on of the most crucial factor during the preparations, and the most important also when considering the Championship, because the matches are one after another and the regeneration is even more important. So now after the training we will do some stretching and we have an opportunity to use the cryosauna, so I will go there for sure. It is great for regeneration, so I will take advantage of that. The cryosauna has a very good effect on me, my impressions are positive. It always helps me. I feel better prepared on the next day, lighter and more fresh on the ice. It brings a pleasant diversity onto the regeneration, it is something different. Basically few minutes can bring us more regeneration that some other things, and every time it is available, I try to use it. I think that if each club would have a cryosauna, it would be very beneficial, because it is a great tool for regeneration and fast regain of the physical strength. So I believe it would be beneficial for each and every team, which would have it.

Cryomed cryosauna helps Slovak men’s national ice hockey team to recover
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