What a team play, the team is playing. Toós Áron got the puck, but hit it back
because they are missing a player. Szikszai Tamás is out now for 2 minutes And it’s a goal! The romanian’s team is leading
against Csikszereda. The puck is in play again! And Péter’s big takeover Zalán skates back. Péter’s trick, but gets tackled,
they start the counter-attack Between the legs! No it’s not! Ede’s immense shot, wasn’t on goal. Two line pass, play stopped by the referee. Kovács Hunor get’s in attack. Noone to pass the puck.
One trick, two and gets tackled. Török István, a ultimate.. homosexual. Comrade Lörinczy Zalán,
our middle-center Plays on the lake where there is no ice. Walks on water like Jesus. Kovács Hunor’s counter-attack,
passes! passes! beautiful offense! Enough, enough! Stop, no more! Go Zalán! Ladys and gentlemen, the match has hereby ended. The romanians lead The first game of the playoff is
won by the romanian team. Thank you for watching We invite you for the show tomorrow too, dear spectators,
Goodbye, see you later!

Csíkszépvíz Lake Ice Hockey
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