Hello my name is John Boyle and I’m part of the development team for Champion Sport Xtreme line of compression sport socks. All CSX products were engineered to withstand the demands of the elite athlete and the CSX Compression Sport Socks are no exception. Constructed with the latest premier quality sports specific materials, these socks provide enhanced comfort, fit, and function. Available in two versions, the X200 delivers a moderate level of compression whereas the X220 offers a firmer fit for advanced users. Tightest at the ankle, and gradually decreasing up the leg, CSX socks increased circulation by forcing blood back up to the heart instead of accumulating in the lower legs where the swelling can occur. This process also increases oxygen delivery to the blood and can improve performances during exercise and help lessen recovery time post exercise. CSX socks stand alone among competitive models by not only providing benefits of compression therapy but also delivering several performance enhancing features. The extra wide self-adjusting top and provides added comfort and prevent slipping. V-guard protection provides oscillation and vibration reduction to help ease pain for those who have shin splints and act as a preventive measure for those who don’t. The calf cradle provides support for the calf muscle and helps to reduce strain. The seamless hand link toe box is constructed for greater comfort and less friction helping to prevent abrasions where blisters can occur. Additional fabric layers are added for Achilles tendon protection and ankle support. An additional arch support band provides added stability and comfort. Available sizes are extra small to extra large and, as with all CSX products, are coated with an odor reducing antimicrobial treatment. Whether you’re an elite athlete, living an active lifestyle, or just require extra support for added performance and recovery, the CSX Compression Sport socks innovative technology, coupled with an eye-catching sleek contemporary design, will provide the support you need and the look you want.

CSX Compression Sport Socks
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  • August 26, 2018 at 3:18 am

    Id like someone to wear these and rub their feet all over my face


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