This is home. Look,
we’re here and playing at our home arena.
I’m happy to be here. We won the gold! At first, we weren’t confident but we
were determined to keep going, and we won! This wouldn’t have been possible without our teamwork. Our team spirit is strong. We’ve been training as a team for long time so
we’re strong as a team. Whew, I’m relieved. I was really excited and anxious throughout the game and by
the time it was over and with the victory,
I was relieved and exhausted. But tomorrow when I’m home, I’ll be happy. Everything has been good. Look around here. All the fans at
this arena. Well, we came here with one
purpose in mind, to win the gold medal. But today, that didn’t happen. I don’t know what to say other than Russia took the
chance to score, and our defense made mistakes. It just happened. We were taken aback as soon as Russia
started scoring. Russia’s offense was strong and we couldn’t stop them. I don’t know what to say about the
referees, but it’s a tough job. It just happened. We had to step up our game in order to beat them. Our players are very young and there was a big crowd in this arena, a big crowd. We didn’t play our best game today. We made a lot of mistakes, and this happened. I think Russia, the USA, and Canada
were among the better teams, but Finland didn’t do as well as they did during the last World Championship. Honestly, I think Sweden would have done better than Kazakhstan. Whew, it was a close game. We had a comfortable lead, which then became an uneasy lead. But, a win is a win. We’re happy to bring home a medal. We’re a very, very young team. Only two players on the
team are thirty years old, and I’m one of them.
The average age of the rest of the team is 22 years. We’re really looking forward to the next two, four, eight years from now. It’s important that the team stays together. For sure, we will be really good in the future. It’s been a great experience! The team is very proud. We’ve gone through a lot
of adversity. We’ve been through a lot and
it feels really good to bring home a medal.

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