we’re in St. Peter Minnesota and we’re
going to prealy gates Hi, we’re the Kjar Kids our parents are crazy they want to take us on a
year-long trip they call it an empathy expedition we’re traveling the states to
discover what makes us United [Music] Ace whatcha doing? We are putting up the
bikes on our totem bike rack. Our totem-pole? You put this all together yourself
right? The first time we did it. yeah yeah so the girls came over and
stuff and they were like “you’re so strong” and stuff Is that right? No The bike racks awesome it’s really easy to get things down get
things off get things moving and it’s it’s really a lot easier to transport
our bikes now We’re at the pearly gates and we’re goning to heaven three times… how are
we doing that? First we’re gonna go to the pearly gates then we’re going to go
to the largest it’s the most store with candies and then we’re going to go to
the Mall of America… Three differentheavens huh?
holy mackerel! Its locked? They’re locked! Wait!… Hold on… Tada! We’re in heaven! Let’s go to the real [kid] heaven.
The candy store! Minnesota’s biggest! We are at Minnesota’s largest candy store and were gonna get a sweet treat! It’s the worlds largest gummy snake. If I bought it I’d slice it up and have a gummy sandwich every day. There is an entire isle of English can right here.. This is all a French section… I used to love these things here…
Not the Cherry.. the orange ones rock, paper, scissors…rock, paper, scissors…rock, paper, scissors… We represent the lollypop guild, the lollypop guild, the lollypop guild… and in the name of the lollypop guild…. we wish to welcome you to munchkin land. His pinkie two is as big as my hand. did you know Mall of America has 400
stores 12,550 parking spaces 14 movie screens
and 4 floors it even has it’s own amusement park We’re in
Minnesota and we’re headed to Minnesota’s largest waterfall That’s Canada right there…. HI CANADA! we’re in the land of 10,000 lakes but my
mom says there’s even more than that. There was this huge, huge, huge lake
and Ace, at first he said “No that’s no thats an ocean
that’s not a lake, that’s an ocean. Lake Superior was huge
and there were these really really really big waves and we got really
wet there because it was a really wavy Minnesota the land of…well… 10,000 lakes [music] In Minnesota, we met the Parnell’s and their six kids. They introduced us Hockey [Sound of blade being sharpened] all right so hopefully that’s good
enough cuz otherwise I’ll hear about it if I see kids falling down I’m
like eeew… maybe my skates… Either they’re not able to stand up or it’s my skate
sharpening job I’m the mother of six kids. Five hockey
players and a two-year-old toddler who thinks she’s 12 Are you gonna play hockey when you get
big? Hey! Are you gonna play hockey when you’re older? You are? Do skate now? You do!
Are you good at it? Are you left-handed or right-handed? You’er
handed… you’er just handed well that’s a good thing to have. When you take a slap shot… everyone knows you’re taking it. We spend most of our
days all year long- 12 months out of the year playing hockey …perfect for you… We left for vacation
last week from a hockey rink and today we came home to go back to the hockey
rink so that is our… totally runs our life and for the most part we love it! How do you tell, which… for height and stuff? Yeah its about chin to chin the nose or so is
kind of the height in… The tough part is like usually you’re gone on your tiptoes so
it’s like what you’re on skates Minnesotans typically… I wouldn’t say
everybody plays hockey but the ones that play hockey are usually pretty intense I played hockey and my brothers played hockey and really we knew nothing
different as far as why it is what it is I don’t know it’s just it’s a it’s a
special sport and it’s different in a way that you have to be able to skate
before you can play this sport but there’s something special about hockey
and we’re just a different kind of breed I think When I coach when the girls do
it they shoot all the pucks and I make them go running grab… like all the girls grab it for the next person. My mom wouldn’t let me play hockey growing up.. but I would have loved to play
hockey growing up so I did the next best thing… was to be a cheerleader
for hockey [Laughing] which is pretty sad but that’s what I did and then my brother played hockey
so we traveled around it was every week I think they played more games even back
then than they do now but maybe the season was shorter I’m Payton, I am the oldest of the six
Parnell kids. It goes back generations and it’s just like I don’t know why but
everyone just plays hockey and I just I don’t know that’s pretty cool I guess
like my dad played hockey and my grandpa played hockey and that’s it’s just like
there’s a lot of like heart in it and it’s just like you wouldn’t really yeah
it’s just a sport but to a lot of people it’s not just a sport it’s like I guess
it’s a lifestyle you could say Yeah, but it’s definitely in your blood The day-to-day experiences of a hockey mom I’m just I literally don’t look ahead in
my calendar and all because I can’t mentally handle it. So I look the day I
literally look the morning or the night before and I think okay how can we?… Clint
goes here and I go here you just kind of have to let put the logistics together
and if something doesn’t work go then you think who can I call and what kid
can I stick somewhere for someone else to grab or drop them off maybe after
school? We have five businesses right now Yeah…and then rental properties and
stuff like that so between trying to get all those things you know keep all
things working. Every day it’s just an organizing challenge. I built the entire place… [You did?]
I did all the trim work We seem to not be able to disburse the stuff when we
keep starting new projects and then we end up with a cafe, then did the
campground, then the bar restaurant, then another cafe and now here we are today
thinking that we’re in our 40s and it’s time to figure out how to simplify life Putting all that in with six kids and
five hockey players is recipe for one tired tired mama Your journey takes you
where you’re going and you know just the different people we’ve met and things
like that if maybe steered us in different directions and it’s it’s been
awesome! We you know I think the last probably the last few years we’ve really
focused our attention on the kids and their sports and things like that and
really trying to do less of the work thing… Now it’s starting to realize that
time is ticking away so we really need to stop and smell the roses as they say!

Day in the Life of a Minnesota Hockey Family- Marvelous Minnesota
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