Welcome back to the channel! I recently
got a new cordless vacuum cleaner that converts from a stick vac to a hand vac
stay tuned to hear more about the Decenta cordless vac. So here’s the box
that it came and I’ve been using the vacuum for a couple of days now wanted
to try it out before doing this video it’s a 20 kPa cordless vacuum cleaner
okay so here’s a closer look at the vacuum and I’ll show you the vacuum in
operation in a few minutes you plug this in with the AC cord which is included
and it plugs right into the back and then there is a trigger switch you hold
that down to run the back side and it has two suction settings on the top
there’s a blue button that toggles between the two the low is the 13 kPa
and the higher is the 20k PA and if you’re wondering what PA means it’s a
symbol for Pascal which is a unit of pressure 13 and 20 K are both very
strong they indicate very strong suction okay and here’s the bottom section of
the stick vacuum you can see the brushes underneath and rotate there’s a little
bin there that could collects I’m hasn’t collected anything so far in my usage
but I believe they’re larger pieces of paper or something or collected there
and then this is detachable okay to turn this into a hand back you just press
down on the button and then you can choose one of the attachments
it includes let’s see that is the extendable brush nozzle there’s also a
crevice nozzle and there’s a what’s called a tea brush and there is also the
bracket the holding bracket and it does include hollow wall anchors so you can
attach this and hang the vacuum while it’s charging it charges in four hours
the vacuum the stick part of the vacuum weighs five point nine pounds now I
haven’t had the battery run out on me yet it’s mentioned I’ve used it for a
couple days but according to the instructions that says it will run from
ten to twenty five minutes of use and that probably doesn’t sound like a lot
and that’s because the more powerful vacuums have less running time but then
you don’t need to go back and forth back and forth of the same area so I’m gonna
put the stick vacuum back together and show you it in operation okay I’ve got a
mixture here of oatmeal crackers and even some chia seeds I’m gonna put down
and see how well the vacuum works I’ll put some down here on the rod and some
on the hardwood floor I’ll try this I’ll try this at the low speed the last
section okay pick that right up off the hardwood
floor now I’ll try on the rock looks like it looks like I’ll that came
up so you see the suction is pretty strong I now have a cordless stick
vacuum I’ve been using for picking up small messes and touched up cleaning but
I don’t rely on it to vacuum the area rugs I have now since the suction isn’t
strong enough to do a great job with all the pet hair that comes with having a
cat and two dogs so this does seem more promising oh I see I see a large piece
of cracker that I miss there okay got that up what I like about this
and most stick vacuums this help flexible they or how easier to maneuver
you can get right up right up under furniture even something like this just
there with the very low low profile low access you can get right up and do enjoy
having more suction power then was my other stick back which I think might
have 10 kPa maybe you would see that moving a little less than that now this
you do have to hold the trigger down like I think the Dyson is the same way
you don’t just turn it on you hold the trigger so here’s how you empty the
dustpan there’s a little blue button lever that you push and it comes right
open you could say that oatmeal and chia seeds and crackers just from just from
our demonstration so it seems like a very powerful and pretty handy vacuum to
have the two on one stick back hand back from Dcenta oh please check the
description section below for more information and thanks for watching you

Dcenta Cordless Vacuum Cleaner🍀Powerful Stick & Handheld Vac in One!👈
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4 thoughts on “Dcenta Cordless Vacuum Cleaner🍀Powerful Stick & Handheld Vac in One!👈

  • July 4, 2019 at 3:07 am

    Looks like it has good suction!

  • July 4, 2019 at 3:44 am

    Oooh that's good for college!

  • July 4, 2019 at 1:49 pm

    Cordless vacuums are so much easier to us than corded ones for sure.

  • July 20, 2019 at 11:04 pm

    handy vacuum


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