My name is Devin Coleman I’m the state
architectural historian and I work at the Vermont division for Historic
Preservation and one of the programs that we run is the roadside historic
site marker program the big green and gold plaques you see around the state for today we brought one of our newest markers which is for the first
international ice hockey game which took place right here in Burlington on Lake
Champlain in 1886 and they got two teams from Montreal the Montreal hockey club
and the Montreal Krystal’s hockey club and they pulled together a team for
Burlington they were not hockey players newspaper accounts at the time say that
the Burlington team gave it their best shot but they didn’t win any games the
two Montreal teams took first and second place and it was a horrible day for a
game the newspaper reports say that it was so windy and snowing and sleeting
that spectators could hardly even see the puck what I like about highlighting
this at this conference is that there’s been a lot of talk about you know
political use of the lake a lot of wars and fighting and this is a great example
of recreational use of the lake funny that one of the speakers just
before I came in was noting that probably couldn’t hold a hockey game on
the lake this in February because it warms up so hopefully we can turn things
around and get people more aware of the importance of the lake and ideally keep
doing events like this

Devin Colman | First International Ice Hockey Game
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