Hello everyone welcome to my virgin kitchen
we are yourself taught hosts on the channel yes haha. Is there anything better than having
a mug with your face on it haha great way to start the video. Right what are we doing
today Mrs Barry. We are making oh be careful thats hot milk. We are making some super chocolatey
super simple hot chocolate sticks. Yes so if you dont know you can buy these things
in stores and they cost about 5 billion pounds for just one or two and today Mrs Barry is
showing you how to make your own in different flavours right. Yes I am yep. Theres one which
is a marshmallow and baileys one it is yes. There are loads of different flavour combs
which we will get into in the video and this is how we did it shall we show everyone how
we did it. We should yeah I was just like brruh haha you can tell we rehearsed this.
This is how we did it oh yeah thats what we say yeah. So they take a couple of minutes
to really get going so Im going to showcase this during the video. Im going to start now
urm oh you chose the baileys one nice. You just stir it round oh my gosh but it does
take a good couple of minutes if stirring so while I am doing that during the video
do you want me to do one for you as well. Oh go on then look at that Ive got my cup
mug my favourit mug. It only cost about 400 pounds from Disney world its worth every penny
see it takes a long time to get going. I will have this one right so I am going to stir
yours as well wow haha I thought you had it sorry. Im just going to stir and you tell
people how to make them shall I clear this milk up ok. So first up put your milk chocolate
into a bowl I dont know why but I transferred it from a small bowl into a large bowl thats
piece of mind. Why did you do that I dont know why I didnt just put it in the large
bowl in the first place. Anyhow you are then going to put that bowl over a saucepan of
simmering water and just let it melt away until you�ve got some gorgeous gooey melted
milk chocolate. Whilst you are waiting for your chocolate to melt you can keep string
thanks sieve in your dry ingredients so your cocoa powder icing sugar followed by your
salt. Sieve it all into a bowl until you have got a nice smooth dry mixture and then give
it a mix together. Its getting there its getting there getting there getting. Give your chocolate
a bit of a stir to give it a helping hand to melt and once its melted take it off the
heat and you are going to pour that melted chocolate into your dry ingredients. Now it
is really important at this stage that you do not get any water into this mixture otherwise
it is all going to stieze stieze haha. Sounds like my Dads name is Steve haha I thought
we were talking about my Dad then cos its all going to steve. It will seize it will
thats horrible when that happens. That happened the first time we did this so are second attempt
I was really extra careful and I gave it a really good stir and youve got to keep keep
stiring because at first it doesn�t look very attractive it looks horrible but if you
keep keep on going you will get a nice cake batter it will go nice and smooth. Its kind
of like are relationship you know at first it wasnt that good but you keep going and
you are rewarded with this you know yes. Oh yeah that ones gone thats done so that was
about a minute of constant stiring. Spoon a small amount of your mixture into your ice
cube tray and now you are going to fill it up to the top. You can use your hands if you
want cos its like that manoeuvrable mixture so you can press it in a little bit. Yeah
you can press it in. Push in your bamboo skewer and then you can decorate in any way you want.
So first up I did so I sprinkled with some crushed candy cane on the top you want to
do it before the mixture starts to set so sprinkle them on then gently push them in.
Next up I poured over some melted white chocolate sprinkled with some 100�s and 1000�s and
pushed the stick in. The next one I did was melted dark chocolate on top sprinkled with
some chocolate balls. I also did a bit of a naughty one I add some chilli flakes. In
fact thats it right there that�s the chilli one in it. It is no one has dared to do that
one yet. Ill dunk it in right there oh no not with the baileys oh no baileys and chilli
erh. Yeah and it is the really really spice chilli flakes the one that says number three
on it haha. It�s a number three that one not a number four number three they dont go
that high. Its not a number one like I normally get mild its number three. The last one I
added was my favourite whats that I added a bit of baileys in. oh what the one that�s
in with the chilli now yes sorry. But Ive got a little confusion to make what. I left
a bit of mixture in the bowl right yeah to add the baileys cos I was a bit worried about
what it would do to the mixture. But I poured the baileys in just a small amount of baileys
in and I forgot to press record oh. So you added more baileys so its very strong. So
yeah I added a bit more baileys in so it will be very very strong but baileys in my favourite.
Leave them in the fridge for a good few hours and once they are done all you need to do
is gently pull them out of the ice cube tray. They did come out really really easily and
then you just warm up some delicious hot milk put one in then as Barry has been showing
you through his video give it a good stir. Although the chilli combo with the baileys
marshmallow oh and dont spill it. Its getting there oh what I do love about these is when
you take them out theyve got a really nice shiny gloss about them they look really really
good. Right shine shine they do look good. Actually to be fair as a home made gift as
well for Christmas this would be really cool like wrap them up maybe some gift wrap around
there but erh yeah shall we try it yeah lets try it. Oh that�s really good its nice but
I got pieces of chilli oh its chilli flakes on the top wow oh my god thats really strong.
So if youve got someone that likes chilli and chocolate make them eat a chilli and chocolate
one. Oh wow that is one of the best hot chocolates ever still congratulations. But you can do
anything any knid of toppings you want on these alright there yeah just scratching my
nose. You don�t have to do what we did you can mix it up give it a go send us a picture
yes please do. Let us know how you get on and we will see you next time. Oh and dont
forget to follow us on all social media. Haha oh dont forget to follow us haha alright I
always forget bye. Its nice is it yeah I must of got a bit of chilli oh yeah its not nice
I got abit of chilli that time hoooh oh thats spicy it is huh.


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