Got us a nice day of mini golfing I love miniature sports. It’s good take a look at this game So today we’ll be playing mini golf like we have an interesting meaning golf course over here groundskeeper Joey set up a real nice course for us. Yeah. I had this vision what you call ground keeper ground ground ground Keeper Joey. That’s right. Look at this beautiful grass on our lawn and it just calls us to play some mini golf Yeah, we’re like, oh, this is great lawn. We can play golf and I was like, yeah cool just can’t go on the wall Yeah, we built a golf course that the lawn is just an aesthetic. Yeah, and that grass is like a skirt. Very very sexy stand a twist this these are the tools we’re gonna be playing with Before every Hall you’re gonna spin the wheel and that determines what you’re gonna use for that hold For example right now. I’m rigged often with a sledgehammer That wood may not be doing some pretty damn long drives right there. Now what we got? We got a spool We got a sledgehammer. We got a Potter aka axe. We got a hockey stick in true. Happy gilmore style And then we also have some real golf clubs but no pattern yeah, we don’t pipe we don’t fight We got futon and then if you’re really unlucky, you might have to flick it. Oh, yes. How’s your flicking? So there’s two holes that’s where you’re gonna tee off You gonna make it into the pipe and then if you get lucky you go down the pipe and right into the hole but if you get unlucky you’re gonna take a little detour and It’s gonna they far far away from the hole wide into the dunk pool. It’s great joke, good engineering Ah, thank you sir. The winner gets the tools the order, right? Okay. Okay. All right, Brock doing one go Oh Joanne wins Wow. Okay, then I’m doing Joey you go Paul. Okay, they’re gonna start. Yeah, so you’re teeing up Yeah set the pace for you guys. What’s the par on this the part on this course is three three three par 3 3. Oh Do you think Joey knows what golf is now it looks like this looks like a Murder, yeah It’s not how you get focused for golf, you know, like heavy metal and everything. It just it just calms me down It’s all my angers inside. Oh Oh you go in but maybe just Oh, no. Oh no. Oh no So it was right there it went spinning around right you’re on the fairway Good That’s not bad oh No, it’s coming back with a harsher you’re yeah That’s ok. All right. You’re right near it Okay a seven oh All right, Joey got a seven What’s that only seven only 700 it’s not the first time I put this down on a golf ball No, then you might have been better not to try to hit the pipe. Yeah, the pipes are red Number two, oh You’re on you’re on the fairway Oh God dude, that’s not bad. It could have gone down Well good place may you’re in a good spot Not 16 some what 13 over par. Yeah. Yeah your for over par so 7 Paul’s turn It’s all about the spin. I would say this spin seems to be a pretty big bad Doesn’t read spin I would say spool would be good for this do you think so? Yeah, it’s accurate and you can just Control it. I probably spend more time holding a spoon than only a golf club No way Spoon Food is great cuz you can taste but you put a hex on me. You curse me with a spoon Oh, look at that pants pool and coordination. I got this for Ya yeah What happened the pipe ate your ball? It went a third path into a black hole Something’s rolling How you play me to go hey ground master that is clearly against the rules, sir, hey Get up for a par spoon your bowl out. I’m just yeah all rights goes look shot. Number two Spooning it. Whoa like Tiger Woods That was on dodge that was dirt, too What do we tell the next group that wanted to play that track Tell them it was like this when we got here some lanky boy ruin their fun I did really good with that spoon. You did a spoon is my favorite. I would like that All right, but this genius track. We got a live cacti here each became that much more interesting This is where we uh pop or hit or swing or smash. You gotta get it into the pipe Get it up Hold on go go around and it’s gonna drop down from there to the hole But if it doesn’t hit the hole then we’re gonna just turn the cup around and then you’re just gotta get him in there I would say this is a par one. Yeah, Joey. All right. Let’s see all Right And you can your car’s right here? Yeah, but it’s well protected if there’s never been golf balls flying on it. I think it’s like this Yeah, have you not watched happy gilmore? Okay, I’m just having gotten to the thing though now you just gotta get it to the yeah Jodi was out holding one Alright the cup is now horizontal Now you’re back up top that was a hockey shop. Okay gross Only eighteen Nice to play mini golf with Joe he’s doing on the plane Eight over par great job. Yeah, the part was 30. Yeah over part is not bad All right, we yeah we made a little change to the game we kind of knew about it do about her She’s a hockey stick whole cuz it’s impossible to get it in up and up there with anything else except maybe a sport Okay, so now using your native weapon Hockey boy who’s your favorite hockey player a misalignment. Alright, so well, you’re like the Tengu solana golf Still best so far By the time it’s my turn there’s not gonna be any golf balls left. Yeah. Oh Okay, okay Oh Heads up for Oh Oh Oh No, I was ready to go. Watch it fall in the hole. You got it. Oh Not bad though, we reset the hole here for you Throw it three two one. Oh Oh Shit but you know these these can take a beating hole-in-one calling it four Not a bad one though That was a sonic performance that was my second shot stay Who’s gonna Neville? Yeah, yeah at our codes So yeah now I’m like you right I could try and go up the side here trying to flick it. Yeah, flick it the jammy against the styrofoam Not great If you want to be really epic you bounce it from here Boop run in there battle off of the wood. Yeah Okay, why do you want to be epic? Good call la weather is always unpredictable, but it’s the gusty winds, right? Yeah. It was a gust Did you guys notice that we played golf, but we’ve never even touched a golf club I’m trying to get over here. Where are you trying to go? I don’t see you. All right there Oh do it again Breathe again get it in know What you guys think should we retire I want me to go flare It is top you know what Golf is a game of focus and attention span. We ain’t got none of that. We got focus never lose focus ever Oh Great school, you have to kill more you ain’t got poop on us. You got nothing on us. Three, two one go

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