I’m so nervous you guys let’s just do it
hey guys what’s up it’s Laci and today I’m going to show you how I transformed my
dishwasher my stove and my refrigerator using faux peel-and-stick stainless
steel when you first get your stainless steel you want to let it acclimate to
your room temperature for about 24 hours I’m going to start on my dishwasher
here’s what it looks like before and here’s what it looked like after so it
says to use an ammonia free cleaner so I’m using Windex and I’m just going to
spray the appliance all over like I’m going to get in the corners and the top
and bottom make sure that I have all of them cleaned really well and then while
that’s drying I’m going to measure and I’m going to add two inches to each side
and to the bottom I got enough to cover my refrigerator my stove and my
dishwasher so that’s why it’s so incredibly long but after I took the
measurements I just went ahead turned it over and there was like a little grass
on the back that I followed and I cut the size that I needed that leaves a
couple inches on both side on all four sides so that’s what I’m doing alright my camera shut off so I just
removed the backing and I started to apply it onto my dishwasher and now my
dishwasher is super smooth there’s no sort of texture or anything so it was my
bad while I was struggling so much with this I was supposed to spray it down
with a little bit of water to kind of give it some movable play I guess
because once I put it up there it was so hard to get it adjusted properly it did
come with a squeegee so that helped and I also found that just using my hands
and my fingers to kind of heat it up a little bit helped but later I realized
that I could have used a blow dryer to kind of help me during the process and I
must say this product is nothing like I have ever used before it’s super sticky
but it’s okay for renters to use which I thought was awesome because a lot of
people to do the peel-and-stick backsplash but
they couldn’t because they were renting so this is perfect for renters it’s also
water-resistant it’s tear resistant up to 330 pounds of
pressure it’s stain resistant so that’s also
great especially with kids and messy adults like me my gosh it’s working look
legit looks like real salmon Wow you have to
pull it up to get that bubble out I just have to use my finger we kind of heat it
up and the bowl just come right out oh my god work you guys I really have my
apprehensions about this but honestly I was scared to do it I kept putting this
project off because I didn’t want to mess it up and I didn’t want to be
disappointed but wow it will just like stainless steel as you can tell I’m
super happy that this product is working after the front is done you want to wrap
it around the sides and this is why it’s important to make sure you have a couple
inches on each side kind of pull it tightly hit or box-cutter or whatever to
cut off the excess I didn’t need to do that on that side because I didn’t
really give myself enough on that side but it still looks all right in my
opinion here’s the other side I did have a little bit of excess on this side so I
just wrapped it really tight around and then I just took my box cutter and cut
off all the excess moving on to my stove I followed the same exact process so I’m
just going to speed this up to show you guys exactly what I did and honestly the
dishwasher and the stove or the hardest because I didn’t follow the instructions
properly because they are smooth surfaces like I said before I should
have used a little bit of water and then took a blow dryer to it and that would
have made it a lot more pliable for me but I didn’t I good things the hard way
so just learn from my mistakes I think it still looks good the installation was
just a little bit more difficult for me moving on to my refrigerator this was
the easiest one and I really thought it was going to be the hardest because it’s
the biggest so we’re going to follow the same exact steps there’s usually a
emblem on your refrigerator and I just pop mine off with a better knife it was
super easy to get off and then I just removed my handles
you’ll have to look and see how you’re supposed to remove yours I can’t just
kind of winged it and I ended up breaking my handle on one of them so
don’t do my mistake same exact process except from going
from top to bottom on this I went from right to left I don’t really think it
matters because it was so easy to apply almost so much easier Wow I can’t
believe that I really didn’t even need to use my squeegee or anything I just
used my hands to apply it and it literally took probably two minutes top
so so easy look at that Wow oh my gosh
everyone appliances are going to be different so just make sure that you
have enough on the sides pull it tightly fold it over and then you can just cut
off the excess from the sides and then you just want to follow the same steps
for the top and the bottom all right this is the bottom and here is the after you guys I can’t
believe how real it looks it really looks like stainless steel I need to get
a new handle because I broke mine it’s amazing I’m going to show you guys all
the before and afters one more time I couldn’t be more happy with this product
it also has a five-year warranty on it and it’s perfect for apartments because
even though it’s super super sticky it can be removed and there’s not going to
be any sticky gunk left behind it comes off very clean so it’s stain resistant
tear resistant it’s just amazing so if you guys are looking for an easy way to
update your appliances but you don’t want to spend a lot of money on new
appliances I would definitely recommend the EZ faux decor and I will leave all
the links listed down below thank you guys so much for watching please
subscribe if you haven’t already and check out all my other kiai wise I love
you guys be in the next video bye

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