Why is my engine revving so fast?>>Did you know that your automatic
transmission lets you manually switch gears too? In fact, you can choose from Sport Mode or
SelectShift, depending on your driving style. Here’s how, to use Sport Mode,
move your gear shift to the S position. [MUSIC] It gives you extra braking on
various grades of road and lets you use lower gears if you’re
on a hilly or mountainous drive. Keep in mind, Sport Mode shifts at
higher engine speeds than drive mode, so your engine may run faster than usual. But that doesn’t mean
you’ve lost any power. And remember, your vehicle will stay in
Sport Mode until you shift out of it. Okay, now let’s talk about SelectShift. [MUSIC] To use it,
move your gear shift to the S position. And press the plus-minus buttons on
the the side of the gear shift to select gears. Press plus to upshift and
minus to downshift. Keep in mind your engine will rev
at various speeds depending on what gear you’ve shifted to. If your engine RPM is too high or too low, your vehicle will automatically
make some shifts for you. Any questions, go to FordOwner.com. [MUSIC]

Drive vs. Sport Mode | Ford How-To | Ford

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