Hey dog. Hey mate. What’s up? What are you doing? I’m fine, just practicing some stick tricks! Nice, show me! Damn man, I’m leaving!! What the…? Was it something I did? Hi guys, what’s up? Today we’re going to practice some stick tricks. I usually don’t use them when I play grooves or when I do stuff… but maybe when you do some solos or some exhibition stuff it might be good to impress somebody. The first one is really easy, looks a bit hard but, it’s not hard at all… it’s this one: It’s just a triplet note but the second beat you give it with the bottom of the stick Usually a common mistake is to stop the stick like that You need to open your hand unitl it goes like that to give the right beat You can also move it around the snare or on the stick too Another trick which is a bit harder to do, you might have to practice a little bit more, is this one This trick has the same concept of the one that Ale was doing earlier on his foot. Basically you just need to let the stick bounce You can start with this position Using a traditional gripl, but you don’t need to squeeze the stick, just leave it free Then, to go to the other fingers you just need to do like this movement and let it go from a finger to the other, like that Once you get to the last finger you have to go and get the stick back with the traditional grip. The most important thing is not to squeeze the stick While you change the hand position. You always have to keep relaxed and comfortable so it can bounce A couple of twirlings that i usually use when I play gigs, not when I practice, are this one And this one They’re quite easy, but really impresive so people usually think that you did something great while you play For the first one just put your stick between your fingers and do a little wrist movement so that the stick can have a circolar movement It’ll look very good, the second one you just need to turn the stick between your fingerslike that It goes from this position, to this one, then go back to the first position Another trick that I usually use, which is really simple and based on triplet notes is this one It has the same concept of the one that we saw before but you just move the bottom of the stick to the headge of the snare, like this Pay attention to keep the spaces even not to get a shuffle feel Hey guys, what’s up? The first trick I want to show you is really related to James’ one, it’s very similar to the one he showed you, this one: So it’s like this It’s really effective because people think you’re doing something crazy, instead it’s really simple. It’s basically a triplet pulse And then you switch the position of your hand doing the accent on the first of the triplets So, the first stroke is like this, you put your hand like this, and hit like this Second stroke you simply reverse the hand, you flip the hand like this, so… Then you make a circle with your hand, and do like this, so… And the last stoke is like this Then you do the same with the left hand Then you simply speed it up This trick is a trick stolen from Max Roach, a great Jazz legend, and it was taught me by Sergio Bellotti, a teacher at Berklee College of Music in Boston Basically is just a five stroke roll in a triplet mood A common mistake is to hold the stick really tight like this, which is really dangerous for your fingers, instead try to hold it like this So when you do this It’s not dangerous for you Another trick i’d like to show you is this It is basically a way to play 32nd notes really fast. You can use it in Hip-Hop grooves or if you want to make some show, you can play grooves like Another way for doing that which is very effective and I saw Chris Dave doing this, is using two sticks In this hand and the other stick for the snare on the other hand, so

Drum Stick Tricks – ‘explanation’ AMAZING!! drum tips

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