– We had success in the regular season. But everything changes now, you know, the
desperation, and one and done situation in the NCAA Tournament is why people love the
NCAA Tournament. – We joked around, and that’s kind of our
senior class you know, every year we’ve gotten one game closer, like for the first game,
then the quarter finals, and then you know I get to the second game it was to last year
we get all the way you know, to the pros and, and losing the semifinals so, it’s kind of
like an ongoing joke you know like, this year it’s the National Championship game. But like that’s been our goal from day one,
is to win the National Championship. We felt we had the group to do it this year. So we’ll do it obviously so that’s kind of
our goal, and it would be great to go out that way as a senior. – We don’t know that team very well, and we
really don’t know the game plan that works the best. So it’s gonna be a little trial and error. But also on the flip side, they don’t know
us, and they don’t know our strengths, and they’re not ready for what we do really well. So it’s you know half and half, but everybody’s
in the same boat, and all we’re focused on is our preparation, and Michigan Tech, and
getting to know them. – It’s exciting in the sense of which seasoned
new teams we haven’t seen. So you know, we’re just focusing right now,
just on Michigan Tech, and you know, playing well against them on Saturday night. – To be honest, I thought we got punched in
the nose, and I think it’s the best thing that could’ve happened to us. Because we’ve been winning a lot of games,
and cruising along, and we hadn’t faced adversity, and this is gonna be the best thing that happened
to us, because it’s gonna put more urgency in our game, and it’s gonna put the details
and intensity back in our practice. – I think it just kinda woke us up that you
know, we gotta be harder to play against, in all areas of the game, and the practice
needs to be higher and more intenseful. And that’s what’s gonna be this week, and
I know the guys are gonna be focused and ready to go. – The teams that have the number one seat
of one at 65% rate in the NCAA Hockey Tournament. So because the teams, there’s only 16 teams,
and the parity in college hockey, it’s not guaranteed success, and we know that.

DU Hockey Ready for NCAA Tournament
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