(upbeat music) – [Dallas] This is such
an incredible opportunity. – [Man] Anaheim Ducks select. (calm music)
(crowd cheering) – [Announcer] And the horn sounds with Gibson freezing the puck to his pad and bringing it in to the 18-19 campaign. – Obviously it was a long
season for everybody, fans, ownership, and us too. And on the players, it wore
on the players by the end, I could tell that. It definitely, being down
there the last 25,26 games, I knew it was time to, as I keep saying, turn the page on that group of, that team that had some success. Never won it all, but they had had chances and they were a pretty
successful group of guys. And it was painfully evident that it was now time to turn that page and move forward with a
whole bunch of things. (somber music) – [Announcer] Today, Ducks
Executive Vice President and General Manager Bob Murray, and the entire Ducks organization are excited to introduce Dallas Eakins, the 10th head coach in club history. – You don’t get a job
like this on your own. Even though it’s an individual position, it is one that takes a
lot of people to support and push you to be better every day. – Dallas, I know how hard
you wanted to get back here and you’ve earned it, so welcome. (applause) All along, I was also watching how San Diego would do in the playoffs and how Dallas would handle it. And that kind of solidified things. ‘Cause that was a pretty good run. He had a good team but
he managed it very well. – I just think that this is
such an incredible opportunity. As the Anaheim Ducks, they’ve
had such an incredible success rate here in Orange County. And I hope that we can
continue the great success of this organization
both on and off the ice. And I appreciate all you
guys coming here today. Thank you. – Second time around, most people are just much better prepared to go in and do the job. And I know he’s gonna be much
more ready this time around. – I thought it was important
for our organization that Bob find the right fit. I know how hard it is
to get to this level. And to be afforded a
second chance by Bob Murray certainly is not lost on me.

Ducks All Access: Turning The Page
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