Winter transforms Québec
into a huge playground. And winter can be really, really active. I think Québécois, they take winter
as a real opportunity to have fun and to enjoy the season. Wow! Winter gives you
this opportunity to share and to have an amazing time
in the mountain with many, many,
many options for everybody. You can feel the energy of everybody enjoying winter and enjoying the snow. One of the things
that I love about travel it’s to watch the world
through other people’s eyes. We arrived to this lake
and it was a frozen lake, but for them, it was a winter gift. I feel the Québécois, they really want
to share their love for winter. Alan, take that!
– Oh my God! Actually, it doesn’t matter
if you’re really good or not. It’s only about having fun
and sharing a moment together. Goal, goal, goal, goal! It was beautiful. It was my first hockey goal ever. Champion! Champion! Are you still cold? Cold? Come on, I’m sweating!
I’m sweating. No, not at all. It feels like summer. It’s the way for us
to have fun, meet great people… To let go.
– Let go! It was the first time in my life
that I experienced snowmobile, and I loved it. And I met these three girls from Mexico and they were having a great time. They told me at the beginning
they were really scared, but at the end it’s like you want it to last forever. You are a different person. Imagine being a kid again in the middle of this beautiful city
covered with snow, and we were fighting and having fun
and laughing and enjoying life. I went to this unique festival. It’s like entering a fantasy world. You can be whoever you want. Winter is an opportunity and Québécois really take advantage of that. Winter is an invitation.

E01: Winter Fun in Québec | Born to Let Go | QuébecOriginal
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  • September 11, 2019 at 1:52 pm

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