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Now we’re taking a look at the second generation of the 55S (II) from Easton.
The Stealth line of sticks offer features and technologies at every price point to help
enhance shot accuracy. This 55S (II) is a relatively lightweight entry level one piece
stick. Drawing on the successful look of the RS, Easton went with the tonal black look
for the forehand of the 55S (II). The Stealth line uses asymmetrical graphics, so the backhand
graphic is radically different than the forehand. Easton uses a Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass
construction in the shaft. The shaft geometry, which is very popular among Easton’s pro players,
has square corners with slightly concave walls and allows you to get a nice secure grip of
your stick. The 55S (II) is only available in a matte finish, like the one I’m holding
here. It’s the elliptical profile of the taper that
sets the Stealth series apart from all other sticks, and seeing this technology at this
opening price point is a real added value. This is a finely tuned taper section that
provides torsional resistance towards the blade opening up, which is a contributing
factor to shot accuracy. This area also provides the low kick point of the stick, which allows
for a quick release. Looking at the blade itself, Easton uses a
multi-rib construction. Basically, this means that there are 2 structural ribs that run
the length of the blade with foam cores between the ribs. This provides a nice feel to the
stick. For an opening price point value stick that
is relatively lightweight and has accuracy-enhancing technology that is found in higher end models,
check out the Stealth 55S (II) from Easton. Available at one of our superstores or at
hockeymonkey.com. See you later.

Easton Stealth 55S II Stick
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