Hey, today I want to show you one of my favorite tools almost nobody knows about – this simple little tool called a Hustler Stick. Now, back in the day when we had chrome bumpers on everything probably every body shop had something like this. On the Ford line they had a few tools similar to this too. Well now when you go to a body shop and you need something like this bumper aligned they use shims and they work real hard and they end up handing you back your car and say that’s as close as we could get. Well, I recently worked on a body man’s personal car and he had that problem, couldn’t get any closer. I said, “well have you tried the hustler stick?” and I showed it to him, he goes, “oh I got one of those it came with our frame straightening rack at work and we always wondered what it was for!” Well it has lots of uses, it’s for bending and stretching but I like using it on these bumpers, and I hate seeing misaligned bumpers. This car is perfect on all three corners except for this corner. Now one way is when you get your rechromed bumper back to the shop you get two people on the bumper and you sight down it and then you twist it and align it. Well that gets it straight but the problem is if your bumper brackets themselves are a little tweaked this is the stick this is the tool to get it done and as you can see it’s really simple you could actually instead of buying one hundred and fifty dollar tool or borrowing it from me you can actually make one out of a two by four and a rope if you had to. Leverage, that’s all it is. It’d be good actually to have a second set of hands. We’re gonna adjust… We’re gonna tweak… here we go. There we go! That easy. Just got to protect your chrome, protect your paint, a second set of hands is good. Also, don’t be in a hurry. If it requires you taking this extension off, or the tail light itself, take the extra few minutes and do that. Just to be on the safe side let’s protect our chrome and our paint. Put a little towel in there. This is where I need an assistant. We’re going to pull right here on this thing This is going to be easy shmeasy. Let’s see what we did – look at that, perfection. It would have taken two hours to take that bumper off, we would have maybe risked chipping the paint. Here’s another quick little tip this car has been restored from the 90s and it’s been driving around all this time like this. I’ve had people call and complain and say, “the fender extension won’t line up!” Well maybe it got bumped at one time, maybe the hood got bumped in another time, who knows, but again in the factory they had these issues too. Not every one of these parts comes out of the mold out of the press just ready to line up perfect. So, you put some gloves on, you get a buddy that’s kind of strong, and don’t worry the paint’s not going to crack, this isn’t going to break. You put one hand here, get some leverage… (grunts) There you go! Now, I have a little stronger hands and arms than some people, so you might take two people to do it. And I will say, the ’69 and ’70s have a little beefier assembly here so it might take a little more. So two guys one pushing one pulling. It’s just that easy. you

Easy Bumper Straightening – Hustler Stick Tool
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