want to know the easiest way to get that
cool barnwood look on your wall let me show you how this week I am making over my son’s room
and I thought it would be really cool to do a feature wall in his room of a
barnwood look so I am so excited to be working with weekend walls for this
video they sponsored this video sent me their awesome project and we are going
to put it up on the wall behind his bed it’s gonna be a feature it is going to
look awesome so this is the easiest stuff to use I
cannot wait to show you it is a peel and stick product that goes just straight up
on the wall so that’s what we’re gonna do today
let me show you how to get started I used my laser level to make a straight
line across the wall you can start anywhere start wherever is a comfortable
height for you for that first row of boards all you do is peel off the paper
and then stick the boards on the wall keeping your line straight and then
after that first row is up we just make the board’s flush together you can’t
even see the wall through the seams and we just get going the really nice thing
about these boards is they are cut in all different sizes already there was no
cutting that needed to happen at the beginning here and it is real wood it’s
not plastic it’s the real barn wood that has been cut the boards are all really different so
it’s really easy just to pick random boards and give it a really natural
looking pattern we’re just trying not to line up the seams but that might happen
a few times it won’t be obvious when the whole thing comes together one of the
awesome things I love about these boards is they have put black paper on the back
anywhere there is a knot so here the knot has fallen out but all you see is
the black paper so you’re really not seeing the white wall through these
boards it saves a step because painting the wall a gray or something like that
isn’t really necessary so I loved that they did that and they did cover all of
the knots so if they ever fall out in the future you’re not going to get a
hole right in the middle of your wall this stuff is really stuck on there good
it’s hard to take off if you have to reposition anything however to really
make the adhesive stick and be permanent to the wall you need to get a j-roller
and this just has a little bit of weight to it and it’s just gonna help us press
the board and really activate the adhesive as it’s fixed to the ball so
I’m just gonna do this every four ropes or something in sections to be sure that
I don’t miss a spot just get it stuck on there bit let me show you really quick how to cut
around an outlet so be a ports are make these in and they’re not thick enough
that we need to do an extension box or anything on an outlet we’re able just to
cut around it put a new faceplate on that’s all we need to do this board I’m
going to line it up and then mark with pencil where I need to cut a rectangle and there we go and then you can just
cut out the rectangle it will fit perfectly over your outlet continuing
the wood pattern that you’ve got going on I’m going to either I’m gonna try to
score this with a knife first and then grab my jigsaw and I need to get out any
more of that this is how the wall turned out I could
not be more excited with how amazing this looks if you are looking to get
that rustic barn wood look on any wall in your home
check out weakened walls and their amazing product because is it’s gorgeous
all the different colors the texture that it brings to this room is fantastic
my son loves it and now this room will take him into his tween years so this is
a great makeover if you want to see how to build a headboard out of the door
check out this video here and subscribe to my channel so you won’t miss a thing
we’ll see in action

EASY Peel & Stick Barn Wood Accent Wall

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