We’re here with Connor Powell of the
Elmira College men’s ice hockey team, coming off a win here at home over
King’s College. Do you want to talk about how it feels to get that win here at
home in front of the fans? It feels great. They come out and support
us every home game, and getting the first one of the year is big, and now we just
have to roll. And then tomorrow we’re gonna come in and hopefully play a
good game and beat Wilkes and give the fans something else. The start of the
game was pretty tight. One goal contest pretty much most of the way up until the
end. You want to talk about some of the adjustments that were… I just showered…. You want to talk about
some of the adjustments that were made, kind of midway through the game to kind
of separate there at the end? We were just not working hard. We weren’t
stopping on pucks. We were just going by guys. So we cleaned up our defensive
zone and worked on our breakouts and just getting pucks out. And last question and I’ll let you go shower again. Power play goals and
special teams overall, was a really big factor tonight. How are the power play
and the special teams units coming along here in the early weeks? It was good. I mean we’ve been struggling lately, but tonight, was a good pick-me-up. We were
moving the puck and people away from the puck were moving around, and just
all-around, we were getting connections going.

Elmira College Men’s Ice Hockey Post-Game Interview with Connor Powell ’20
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