I’m here with Matthew Cuce ’20 of the Elmira College men’s ice hockey team, following a 5-2 win over Bryn Athyn. Matt, two goals, an assist, three-point night. Your thoughts on tonight’s game and how you guys played? We needed this win. We have a month off coming up so it was nice to get a couple goals and a couple of points. I thought we played all 60 minutes tonight. All three zones looked pretty well. It’s nice to sneak out a win there before the break. This line tonight, you, Ford and Powell all had three points. You just want to talk about what’s been clicking well for you guys tonight and really this whole season? Building chemistry with them all last year and following up this year. We just come into practice everyday and we work hard and we battle for each other, just trying to make each other better. We seem to find each other pretty well and our communication is outstanding and just playing with them makes the game a lot easier for me. This Bryn Athyn team came in and had beat Leb Valley who we suffered
a tough loss against, but they came in also as the country’s fourth-best power play and you guys held them to 0-4. What was working so well for this team
tonight on the penalty kill? We talked about that in the room before the game started. We wanted to focus more on our forecheck. As you can see, they had a tough
time breaking out of their zone. So they didn’t have a lot of possession in our zone and when they did our communication tonight was was there and we just battled for each other to get pucks out. Lastly, what does this win do for the guy’s confidence heading into the new year? It’s big. Losing the last game coming into tonight, we needed two points and I think it will be nice to have a month off. When we come back we’ve got a battle for each other and have a better start to the second half of the season.

Elmira College Men’s Ice Hockey Post-Game Interview With Matthew Cuce ’20
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