We’re here with Spencer MacLean ’20 after Elmira’s huge 3-2 victory over No. 4-ranked SUNY Geneseo, game-winning goal. Can you talk about what your general thoughts are for the game? We’re we’re really happy with the effort that we put forth tonight. Felt like it was a full 60 minutes and that’s what you really want when you’re
facing a team like, who’s No. 4 the country. We’re back after the shaving cream pie. can you talk about that final goal and what was going through your mind? I looked up at the clock there was about 10 seconds left in the game. I fed it over to Ford for a one timer and the goalie made a nice save, but eventually I just went and put myself in front of the net and a few seconds left Powell decided to throw it on a net. Can you talk about the home crowd, getting a big win at home? The Domes is an unbelievable place to play. We’ve got the great people of Horseheads, everywhere from the surrounding area that come out to support us. The school is very good about supporting us and it makes playing around here a lot easier and especially
when you’re playing good teams like that. The Domes is a tough place for them
to play. Can you talk about freshman keeper Gennaro Anzevino ’21, only allowing two goals to the No. 4-ranked team in the country? I really can’t say enough about him. He stood on his head all night and he gave us a chance
to win and it’s really nice to see a freshman goalie come and take over the
game like that. What kind of momentum of you take into your next bout at home? To look a little before, we have three games left for the rest of the season and we’re kind of looking at that. After this big win against No. 4, we want to keep it rolling until the end of the first semester. We’re looking forward to Leb Valley on Friday night, I believe it is, and two points there.

Elmira College Men’s Ice Hockey Post-Game Interview with Spencer MacLean ’20
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