We’re here with Katie Granato the Elmira
College women’s ice hockey team coming off a big win over the defending
national champions, the Cadets of Norwich University by a 4-2 score. Do you want to
talk about how exciting it feels to avenge last year’s title game and get
that win here to start the season? Like I talked about in an earlier
interview, it was different this time than in the national championship. We
were fresh, we were hungry, we were ready to redeem ourselves. But not so much redeem
ourselves, just get some respect from everyone and show that we are the number one
team, so hopefully we get the polls. Is there any better way to start a game
than to score a goal on the very first shift you know, a minute into the game,
we take the 1-0 lead. What does that do for momentum and for the attitudes
kind of on the bench? It was a really strong start. It just got the team going,
they’re excited, I got excited. And I think it just gave us confidence
to go in and take it from them. You want to talk about your performance a
little bit on the ice? You had a hat-trick here in the first game of the season.
Kind of that first line what was working so well for that unit? We had really good breakouts right off the wall. They were able to chip it to me and just use my
speed and use the space that they gave me and got the puck to the net. And then
the same thing on our power play, that I used the space they gave me. Maddy
Jerolman had her head up, made an awesome pass. Three good goals and my teammates
helped a lot for them. Everyone knows who Elmira is number two in one poll,
number three in the other. But this will put the country surely on notice. How do
you use this win to kind of build momentum or set the tone for the rest of
this season heading back towards the playoffs again this year? Definitely makes us more hungry to keep number one if that’s what we’re to get. But it
definitely shows other teams that we’re no joke and we’re ready to come and take
it this year.

Elmira College Women’s Ice Hockey Post-Game Interview With Katie Granato ’19
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