We’re here with Kelcey Crawford ’18 of the Elmira College women’s ice hockey team, coming off a shutout victory over Amherst. After the way the team, you guys lost the first game of the series. Did you say anything as a senior, as a captain in the locker room about coming out and getting a win here tonight at home? I really don’t think anything had to be said. After seeing how we played, I think everyone knew what their role was and what their role had to be today, and how much they had to
step up in order for us to win. So, I really don’t think anything had to be said, but I think the whole team stepped up and led ourselves. It wasn’t the seniors, it wasn’t anyone. It was just, as a team, we just grew and
said let’s get the job done. Heading into the third period of today’s
game, it’s a scoreless draw. What was the mood like in the locker room? What additional words were said at that point to kind of rally the troops, knowing it’s the final 20 minutes, it has to get done now? We were definitely a little bit down. We weren’t expecting to be in that position, but coach and Pardo both said some motivational words and really got us rallied, and I really think that was the difference-maker for the third. Yourself, moving into fifth place all time in career saves, only the fifth goalie in Elmira College to get 1,000 saves. Also fifth place in shutouts with the
shutout victory today. Do you keep track of those? Is that anything that you think about or honored at all to see your name on any of those leaderboards? I’m definitely honored. I can’t say that I’m not, but it’s not what I’m focused on. I think that the most important thing to come out of today that we won, and I wish that was the case yesterday, too, but the most important thing is how
we’re doing as a team and just as long as we’re winning games and taking care of business I know that everything will come along with that, but it’s definitely not about me by any means. Coming off of a non-conference victory over a very competitive Amherst team, What do you take away from today’s
game as a team moving forward, knowing you have some pretty tough games down the road? I think that there’s a lot for us to work on still. We’re not as imperfect as we thought and I think that it was really good to have a little chink in our armor because now we know that we have stuff to work on I think that that’s really good and it just helps us improve for our games coming down the road.

Elmira College Women’s Ice Hockey Post-Game Interview with Kelcey Crawford ’18
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