All right we’re here with Tim Crowley
Eliza Boden and I’m a Crocker of the Elmira College women’s ice hockey team
following an 8-3 win over William Smith and the UCHC– championship game. We’ll
just start with coach your thoughts on the way at the team played today? Yeah I
was really happy with how we played I thought we were much better than we were
yesterday. Despite being tied after the first
period still thought we had a lot of chances just a couple of bounces that
went their way in which they were deserving of those but thought we
responded our power play. Obviously was really strong today and I thought
regardless if I’m getting that late power play ball. I thought our PK was
really good this weekend too so I was happy with how we played. Especially with
kind of what we have here the next seven days.
I was excited with how we played today. Eliza big game for you today hat-trick in your
first title game here with Elmira College. What was going through your head
out there? What was working so well for you? First of all just credit to my
teammates. A lot of those goals I was just in the right place at the right
time. My teammates just got it through to the net with screening the goalie
made it pretty easy on me. So it was a fun game for us. We made it a little
exciting we did not like that so we came out hard in the third and we continued to
play and finish strong so. Emma four assist big game for you too making a lot happen out there on
the ice what’s it like to take home your second straight UCHC championship
game and have such a big game doing it? It’s been great! This whole season we have been trying to push the fact that teammates at the end
they are going to win games and playing hard defense going to win games.
Second UCHC championship feels great for a looking side road to the one
so trying to get there. Well Emma I’ll say if this point coach told me before
ball game. “You can’t take any opponent likely”. We meet a team once twice during
a season but the third time. What do you think the turning point of this game
might have been momentum wise? I think our positivity on the bench really takes
a toll on us. Also the power plays that we had and our power play didn’t
have the best we could practice this week but be really made a point to come
out hard today and get as many goals as we could.
Eliza can you think of any other games that you participated in whether at the
collegiate level or maybe coming up through the ranks in your life playing
hockey was it measured or match the intensity that today’s game brought
about? I don’t think so. This is my first time kind of playing at this level
not much at stake with all that pressure. Letting them tie the game. It puts a lot
of pressure on me but also my teammates and the team as a whole to stay positive
and kind of fight through adversity. So I would put today I top that list it was a great
game for a team. Was there any thought in the back of your mind after you got the
first goal and then maybe the second goal that a possibility of a hat-trick
today or was it just not even there? No honestly I’m just thinking about winning
a game and just making I don’t care who scores the goals just as long as we as
long as they go in the net that and win the game we play hard it doesn’t matter who
scores a goal the goals as long as we get there at the end. Tim Crowley you you
designed the place that these women execute but you’re you’re a hockey guy
you’re a spectator what was the perspective like for you you know when
it was deadlocked at two but then the girls were able to break through? I just
think you know we obviously had a really good leadership and we have a lot of
really good people in the locker room. I think anytime that adversity or anything
like that happens I mean we’ve responded more often times than not. I was excited
I mean it was just fun to watch the last back half of that especially we had
every line going. You know if you look at our our lines from top to bottom. I mean
you had Jess Adams line. I thought was terrific and they were played with
energy. They were hard on pucks. You know Mary’s line they
weren’t on the scoresheet this weekend but well sorry Morgan was yesterday
but again like it’s just. When we play that way we have such depth that we just
keep coming you know we just we wear teams down. It’s just a lot of fun to
watch when you’re coaching. You’re only as good as your locker room right and
sometimes I kind of just take it out of the way let them take control. We have an
experienced player in Emma Crocker by the way I met your grandmother today. so
she was fun. Tell me how much the crowd played a factor Emma in today’s game?
It’s definitely fun having a big crowd. It helps keep our energy up of the bench
and just knowing that we have a huge support system behind us to win these
games and hopefully win more. It just helped us a lot just keeping in our own
game and keeping up on the bench. Eliza were you were you’re cognizant of the crowd out there
as your team continued to score and and put some distance ahead? Honestly it
doesn’t really you normally see it when you’re playing a game.
you know your next shift and keeping up with the play and then after the game
and stand next for my team a big crowd here tonight and I said yeah
we did have a big crowd and it just makes for a good atmosphere so it was
really fun.

Elmira College Women’s Ice Hockey Post-Game Press Conference – 2018-19 UCHC Championship
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