Yeah, I mean I thought it was a really
good game, I think again we started out strong and had a couple chances to maybe put ourselves up a little bit more in the first period but I thought all
together it was a really good weekend for us and played with structure and
were system strong, and for us the same thing as yesterday, I thought our better
players were our best players today and in order to win these games, you need to
have that and you know, we’ve had that moving forward and certainly want to
keep that going. I mean I’m excited about today’s game of course, I thought that
everyone played really well, top to bottom, defense, Kelsey was amazing in that. Everyone was just going and I think
that’s the most, that’s what you should be excited about today, that’s
what I’m excited about. It’s definitely satisfying, as a senior,
that’s all you want, you want to be as successful as you can and have the best
season that you can, and I know that everyone is so excited and we’re excited
to go to the next level, that will always be our end goal, but yeah. It’s pretty
impressive, I’m really excited to go on to the next step. I thought today’s game
was amazing like everyone top-to-bottom, like Huey said, was going. We came out
strong like yesterday and that’s all we needed, and everyone was able to put the puck in the net. I mean I have a lot of trust in
Crawford, she’s an amazing goalie, she gets all the credit. I think it makes it
easier having a goalie like her behind us so that in case we’re down a
goal, we know that she can stop anything, like we’re up two-nothing, we kind of have
a lot of trust in her, so it’s really nice to have her in goal, and to be a senior, it’s it’s really exciting. Yeah, I think we understood they had been playing some really good hockey as of late, I mean I told the group they hadn’t lost since
December 8th, I think was the date, so we knew that they were a hot team and
especially any team that’s playing with confidence can be a dangerous team, and
they put us on our heels a little bit just with their pressure, especially on
their forecheck, and we were able to manage that a little bit and I thought
as the game progressed we took over a little bit and we’re able to establish
some possession and attack them a little bit more than.
I mean I thought the first 10 minutes was good pace, and for us, we had good
energy all throughout the weekend and I think that was the biggest thing for us
was we wanted to start fast and we’ve been able to do that the last two games.
I mean it’s tough when you go out you know like your opponent isn’t everything
like you expect it to be, but today I think we didn’t take them lightly at all
and that was really good part of today’s game and we didn’t stop either, like even
though we were up two-nothing and then three-nothing, four-nothing, we still kept
it going and that was important in today’s game. So as long as we do that
and keep going, I think we’ll be good. I don’t think so, I mean we prepare every
weekend like we’re playing a ranked opponent no matter who we have coming in on the weekend, you know we’ve had some goals this year, we wanted to have a
winning record against ranked opponents, we had that. You know we wanted to win a regular season, we checked that off, and you know now we want a championship, but you know I think you know, I certainly think we deserve having a home game this coming weekend, you know hopefully the committee feels the same way, but for us
you know we’re gonna prepare the same way that we have beforehand, you know
we, our nine non-conference games, I think eight of them were against ranked
opponents, so it’s not like we’re gonna see anybody that’s new to us, so we
understand what’s that tasks now and it’s gonna be a huge game you know
everything, it’s do-or-die now, right? It’s one-and-done moving forward so you know, we’re a very talented group, I think we have the talent to go really far this
week, you know we want to play next weekend, and the weekend after that, but
you know we’ll try to prepare like we do any other weekend.

Elmira College Women’s Ice Hockey UCHC Championship Press Conference (3/4/18)
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