The University of Kent is really great for
careers and emploability for their students they have we have the Student Learning Advisory Service in the Gillingham Building. They are really friendly guys and they’ll help you with CVs and internships
and work experience as well. But the good place to get work experience is from your lecturers because they’ve got loads of contacts, and if you know
what you’re interested in then they’re your people to go to. The experience that I gained university has helped me quite greatly in the application of what I’d learnt as we did quite a lot of practical
work within the clinic and then we used that experience on work placements and I found that to be invaluable in my work here with the Rugby Club. So in September I’m looking at setting up an exercise after stroke rehab class. Currently there is nothing in Medway so we’re looking at providing a unique service I will be running as the instructor. So I will
be conducting the classes. We are gonna be running alongside the University as well, so we are
looking at students to getting on board with the classes. Really because you’re
working with real people you do need to be reliable, you do need to be hard-working, you do
need to be dedicated to what you’re doing. I chose to start my own business
because basically I wanted to be in control of my own work and I knew from when I
was on placement I was at different, I’ve seen different clinics and how they run and I
can take the best bits from what I found when I was on placement and put them
together and hopefully I’ve created quite a good clinic. Services I provide, mostly people want
sports massage that’s what most people want, but obviously we do injury assessment,
exercise rehabilitation, taping, electrotherapy, I’ve got ultrasound and differential therapies.There’s a
number of different areas that our graduates typically go into, around about half of our graduates tend to stay in the broad area of sport and exercise sciences. There’s a lot of different examples but a couple of the top of my head are working for health services, working in
teaching, working in research, working in sports development, working as applied
practitioners, sports scientists or nutritionists or therapists, working in GP referral schemes or in health promotion there’s a lot of different areas. Working alongside obviously the lecturers as well You’ve kinda got to show you’ve got a hard-working initiative. I mean I know that’s not for everyone but if you do go out there and show you have got an interest then there’s a lot of lecturers and people out there that are gonna be willing to work with you and help you achieve what you want
to do. Ideally I’d like to go into cardiac
rehabilitation. The studies that I did it in Sports Therapy is the foundation of my
career really. All the things that I studied at university I use on a day-to-day basis
within my private practice and when I’m working here at the Rugby Club. My career aim now is to work within clinical exercise, work with people obviously that have got different medical conditions helping them exercise. It sounds cheesy but I like helping people and knowing that I can improve people’s lives basically.

Employability for Sport and Exercise Science Students / University of Kent

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    Can I do exercise and sports science after doing physical education?


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