The Elite Athlete Centre – it’s a world-class
facility. You know for me personally I think, you know, whenever you stay outside your house you struggle from a nutritional standpoint but here you know
everything’s catered for. You know you’ve got so many different choices of meal to have, all the fruits or whatever that you need so you know from that
standpoint it’s world-class. And then you know you’re on the doorstep of more
unbelievable facilities so it just makes everything so practical and you
know you see why it’s the top sports university in
the country. You know, in terms of the rugby stuff, you’ve got the 4G first team
pitch which is unbelievable and the Powerbase gym which has got you know
every machine you could want so there’s no shortage of stuff that we can be
doing and getting on with and you’ve got the hotel as well here when you want
to you know get some good food in or get a good night’s sleep you know it’s
everything here ready to go. It’s essentially just like being on camp
really so you’ve got more freedom to move around and stuff. It was out for sort of 13 months, I only
got back in March or April time so you know I had pretty good practice of
getting used to you know being out on the sidelines and you know at first you
think of it as just you know physically stressing you know you’ve got to
get your specific injury right and that’s all that matters but you know a
lot of it is mental as well you know getting up and doing the same thing over
and over again and seeing you know one or two percent gains every day it’s
pretty tough sometimes going back to steps to come back one is you know it’s
a difficult process and it’s definitely for me I find it more mentally stressful
than physically but you know you’ve just got to try and take it in small chunks,
not look too far ahead, try and not look at the, you know, look too far ahead just
focus you know on the here and now, what you can do on a day-to-day
basis to get better and you know eventually you’ll get there. But
yes it’s by no means an easy task. you

England rugby star benefits from elite training camp
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