Auction drafts can be a little
intimidating if you are not experienced There are a lot of strategies and
nuances that are different from traditional snake drafts, and if you make
one big mistake in an auction draft you’re probably not going to be able to
recover, but no worries here are my 10 tips that will help you absolutely crush
your auction draft. What’s going on fantasy football fans! I’m your host Huseyin The Brain and you’re watching The Couch. If you’re new to the channel want
to step up your fantasy football game and win your league make sure you subscribe
to the YouTube channel and hit that bell notification icon. Let’s do a very quick
recap on how an auction draft works. Each owner starts with a set amount of
fictional money in most cases it’s usually $200. Each owner takes turns nominating a
player to be auctioned off. And that’s pretty much how they work. Auction drafts
can take quite a bit longer than traditional snake drafts but can be fun.
It’s personal preference. If you really want a player, you’ll be able to get them
in an auction draft as opposed to a snake draft, if you want a guy who’s
going number one overall and you have the last pick in a snake draft boo hoo
you’re not going to be able to get him, so it has its pros and cons. Let’s go into
my top 10 tips. Tip number 1: go into the draft with a predetermined draft
strategy but be prepared to pivot. It’s a good idea to have a plan now know that
that plan is probably going to change. You can go with studs and busts which
means you spend a lot on elite players and then you have a bunch of $1 players
on your bench. You can go with more of a balanced approach. I prefer studs and
busts because I don’t think you’re going to win any league without studs on your
team. I want the for-sure deal. I want some good RB 1s. I want great players. I
can find sleepers later on and of course there’s the waiver wire. If you’re in a
shallow league you’re going to definitely need to spend up on studs. I
repeat that again, if you’re in a shallow league, six-man, eight-man league spend up
on studs–you absolutely need them. Don’t worry so much about
your remaining money because you’ll be able to pick up good players
off waivers. Every team is going to be stacked and we all know when a shallow
league studs is what absolutely wins it. In a deeper league you’re not going to
be able to do this so much like in a 16-man league, everybody wants studs,
they’re a rare commodity, so what you’re going to have to do is go with a little
bit more of a balanced approach. Other strategies maybe you’re going in okay
I’m going to only spend one two or three dollars on a quarterback, I’m going for
more depth at running back as opposed to getting two really good running backs. Tip
number 2: spend up on one or two studs. This is a general rule as we just talked
about it, it can change. So when I go into a league of like 10-man or 12-team
league doing an auction draft, I typically spend up on two studs, I get
myself an elite running back, an elite wide receiver, then I chill out and see
what happens. Like I said this is a general rule, you don’t have to follow it
to a tee or anything like that but don’t spend up on five studs, you’ll
be completely depleted and don’t wait for all the RB 1s, RB 2s, WR1s,
WR2s to be gone because it’ll be too late your team will suck it
will have no talent. Tip number 3: nominate players you don’t want. Really
the only time you don’t want to do this is this people know you well and they
catch on quick, like we always know this guy nominates players he doesn’t want
but most the time they’re not going to know especially if it’s your first time
doing an auction draft. Try to nominate those big-name players maybe players
that are older, kind of has-beens those household names, those popular guys that
appear on commercials maybe but you don’t really like and don’t bid up for
them. That’s good deplete your owner’s money. Get them to spend up on on players.
Also another strategy is to nominate players that you know other owners love.
Like we have this owner every year in our league his name is Jerry Jones, huge
Cowboys owner go ahead nominate a Cowboys player, you
know you’re going to spend up on a Cowboys player or nominate a player like
a rookie that came out of a college someone who’s a huge a
Clemson fan or a huge Alabama fan and you nominate that player from that
college. Number 4: never nominate your sleepers. There’s really no need to
nominate a player that’s not going to go for much and super early in the draft
just don’t do it because people might be like oh shoot that is a kind of a
sleeper hmm… that might be a good pick and then they’ll bid up and
now that’s no longer a sleeper if you’re paying a high price for that player.
Number 5, and this is something that if you played auction drafts before you
definitely know, and that’s to spend all your money. If you got even eight bucks
remaining, ten bucks, twelve bucks, fifteen bucks remaining that could have been
allocated to get a better player. Basically you could have got an RB1
instead of an RB2–spend all your money. Tip number 6: pay attention to every
owners’ roster situation and remaining money. You want to know if an owner has a
lot of running backs or or not run any running backs. Do they have any wide
receivers what are they doing how much remaining salary do they have. If you
know that, then you know you can bid on a player, nominate a player and bid up
on them and they don’t even have any money to bid. It’s very important to pay
attention to. Tip number 7: this is a good one this is sort of a veteran
strategy and people that have done auction mocks and auction drafts only a
few times or have never done them, do not not know this. Veteran tip right here: bid with
only a second or two remaining. This will get other owners flustered, right? If
someone is clicking seven, eight, nine times really really fast and you click
really fast as well it’s no problem for them to click the tenth time but if you
wait and then you click they don’t know what to think it gets them a little bit
mad it gets them a little bit off their game. This is a small detail, a small
nuance that is not in a snake draft world. Anything you can do to throw your
opponents off their game is going to be advantageous. Tip number 8:
do not spend more than one dollar on a kicker or one dollar on a defense. You
don’t want to do that. There’s absolutely no need. And that brings me to
tip number 9: don’t be afraid to nominate a defense or kicker early, it’s
a win-win situation. I nominate the best kicker, I want them on my team for a
dollar, if someone bids them up, or maybe other people bid them up that’s a
win-win. You just made somebody overpay for the
least valuable position. And tip number 10: this one you want to be very
cautious about so fair warning. Bid up on players. Obviously you want to deplete
the money of the other owners but be very careful when you do this. Here are
some specific details on how to do this the right way.
First, I would not do this so much on players I hate. If you think that player
is going to kill your team, then don’t keep bidding up a player just to
piss an owner off or bid them up so he gets to spend more money–don’t do that,
or don’t do it too often. Now it is good on just about any player to bid up to a
certain amount. Let’s say you know a stud wide receiver is going to go for at
least $50 like bare minimum, so it’s okay for you to bid 40, 45, maybe all the way up
to 47, 48, close to 50. This way the other owners don’t know what players you like
or not. If you just never bid on a player then they know for sure you don’t like
that player, you see what I mean? But if you made two, or three, or four bids on
that player–decent bids not like $1, $2 and they don’t know for sure because
it’s a lot to compute when the auction’s going on. Lot of things going on, so if
you bid a little bit, it might be like hey this person’s interested in this
player. They will never know what strategy you’re going with. They’ll never
know which players you like. Well that’s it for this video. Leave a comment below, let me know if you have any questions about auction drafts or your thoughts
about auction drafts, I’ll be happy to answer them. Hit the button right here to
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Fantasy Football Auction Draft Strategy – 10 Tips for Auction Drafts

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