I’m here with Ferris States hockey head
coach Bob Daniels Bob thanks so much for being with us here today I know you’re
up here for the Red Wings hockey but what else brings you to Traverse City
well one of the big things reasons that came up here was exchange ideas with
Jeff and his staff kind of you know what I’ve learned through years and years of
coaching is if you don’t keep evolving if you don’t stay up on top of things
you fall behind in the game nowadays changes rapidly so I’m looking for some
nuggets some different information that could bring back with me they’ll help
our Ferris State hockey team and then Jeff also called and asked me if I’d
come up and help him with his golf game so in during the break so I’ll try to
straighten him out there how is his golf game not good well you have a special
relationship with Jeff he coached under you and he also played for you kind of
describe your relationship with him you know what you talked about evolving it
was so different when he first came out as a freshman obviously and then
throughout his four years and it was interesting he was a great student at
Ferris State finance that in accounting was a degree but as I talked to him
throughout his senior year I asked him one day have you ever considered
coaching he’s well spoke and he’s high-energy organized I said they ever
consider it he said not really liked to stay in the game we hired him that
summer as a volunteer coach and then one of our coaches left and so within two
months he went from volunteer coach to assistant and then obviously to the Red
Wings at one point well the fans love him here the Red Wings fans and I’m sure
the fans love you you’ve been the head coach for Ferris State since 1992 with a
flim Football week in Michigan we’re coming to Big Rapids and for the Grand
Valley and the Ferris State game what can we expect from the fans there oh
it’s gonna be unbelievable it really is the rivalry is it would be equivalent to
Michigan Michigan State maybe even more so it is it’s a great week we’ll have
different guest speakers come in and talk to our team sure grand Valley’s
doing the same thing with their football program but it is all-consuming and and
it’s one of the highlights of the season for the football team obviously but also
for the fans and the students are you gonna be there can we see you there well
we’re playing that night yeah I might be able to sneak over partway through the
afternoon but we play Western Michigan whose arrival of our so
I’ll try to get over there maybe for a quarter all right well we look forward
to seeing you thank you so much for being with us and for more info on
football week in Michigan go to flem infocom

Ferris State Hockey: Coach Daniels – Fox Sports Detroit from Red Wings Training Camp
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