Welcome back to Ewigleben Ice Arena everybody Harrison Watt alongside my partner Scott Vander Sloot as the Bulldog set to take down the Michigan
Tech Huskies here in Big Rapids Michigan tonight the Bulldogs will attack right
to laxed across your radio dial to open tonight’s hockey game. Under for
Recktewald Recktenwald trying to tip it along further but it’s stolen away by
the Huskies top of his own spinner got it recktenwald in shots and scores and the Rocket puts it in, the Bulldogs lead 1 to nothing and it’s one nothing Bulldog just like
last week against the migi state a broken play for the first goal and Lucas
spinner got the goal last week he breaks up the play this week and gets it off to
Trevor recktenwald who scored the goal and what a start for pharisee not even
two minutes into it already up ago on the Huskies Jen lets one in and it’s the
first shiny face Huskies had it down deep in the Bulldog end for a while but
now it’s the Bulldogs making it one nothing recktenwald dumps it on the
backhand down the left wing wall mcdougal on the forecheck stole it
Lucifer on the old Clark has a chance Clark from the far point Clark shoots
it’s not Munson rebound loosen from the goal Tackett shoots it in stop by Munson
another shot MacDougall is blocked in front up in the air and cleared away by
the Husky big hit in the corner by true bear that runs right through a man then
lost it there nice play on the forecheck by the Huskies mac and turn it right
over right now they’re shot big stop rebound loose in the slot and they score
far side get me great seat right fire to tie it up tip got it to the far side now
mayor centering pass off the side of the goal goes out to the far side there’s
Gavin Gould lost it there here’s Mayer in a breakaway Beier is in stop by
Munson fir’aun’s goes wide of the goal is he kind of fanned on it he was wide
open Luchini down there to Gould Gould is no
lane in front shot stopped by Smith Reeve on clear to the top of the zone
but not out Donohue the shot blocked in front rebound stopped by Smith again
knee hangs out for the draw 1-1 the score between fair state Michigan Tech
there’s a clearing attempt Skipton I go stop by Smith as he’s run through there
after the whistle the right wing side with speed over the blue line killing
his in stops looking for help his back up top to Norris Norris for Joe
rutkowski touch feet till it’s wide fired scores oh my goodness what a rip
for right guru I was like old five-on-three make it 2-1
gone 15:18 ago in the second period
Riker killings initially brought that one to his own with a lot of speed kicks
it back to Cole Norris ended up getting the puck back and we’ve seen him take
shots like that before and that was a cannon from Ryker killings right at the
top of his own he hesitated for a moment took his spot got it past the man and
passed the goaltender packy Munson to keep the Bulldogs on the man advantage
now leading 2-1 here’s a breakaway for Norris down the left wing Norris Hey
back-to-back goals about four seconds in between those and that’s just how you
drop the powerplay not one but two goals here for Ferris State and you could have
executed that perfectly if you wish for it unbelievable and it’s going to be a
timeout for Michigan Tech impact Munson’s headed to the fence not sure if
that’s gonna be into his night with 15:04 to go here in the second period
it’s 3-1 Ferris State back-to-back power play goals a very short interval apart
and they will call on Devon Caro to relieve packy Munson below looking for
right Meier Smith out there playing it up the far wall turn it over last bronze
has it into the middle cooled with a lot of room shoots and scores
Gavin Gould on the power play as the Huskies capitalize on the five-minute
major in the Bulldogs just lost track of a guy in front of the park who’s just
out of the box lost it up top Markoff far side there for birch down low
stamens got it stamen back to dane Burks in the middle for Markoff fakes the shot
down low statement touch pass shot the score Tommy faretta guns at home and
three backup the near wall Maloney had it farside Killens got a lot of room
killings is in walks the top of the zone didn’t find a lane now killings is
looking at one dinner back to kill its near side for challenge back to killings
one time a rockets doors but of the chipped in front record killing what’s
at home and the Bulldogs lead for three a power play goal again as they regain
what was once a 200 lead and it’s going to be killing his second of the cane
eight to the year we’ve seen they’re eager to ins all season to be the
quarterback of this power play and he’s done it time and time again already once
today and once more tonight as Cowan plays it back to killin to solve it up
popped up in the air McDougald had it this is his feet Lesperance
jumps around a man here’s Lesperance on a break let’s brats takes the shot in
the middle of Cheney stop by Smith and the past kind of disconnected they got
to loot Cheney and Darren Smith but both knees down on it beside MacDougall
McDougald carries up the left wing for direct and walled over the blue line
into the middle your spinner dinner is in shoot stopped by Munson front by the
Bulldogs are probably fortunate that think Marshall Moi’s get the stick on
that one and I shot one time or into the club of Smith it out what is it gonna
stick it off of Burke’s Burke’s spun it back into the zone to right Meyer right
Meyer long shot blocked off the backside of fetch another shuts Damon and stop by
Smith Levon they’re hammering away on the doorstep and Smith same time for the
draw team seconds on the clock Baretta is behind the goal centering
pass out front to the far side Jackson poked to the top of the zone kept in by
Burks Burks through traffic on to the tape of a bulldog cleared into the
corner Jordi’s ties it up one second on the clock there a state gonna win it by the skin of their teeth that went all
the way down to the end in Ferris state finds away

Ferris State vs Michigan Tech Hockey Highlights 1-26-18
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