[MUSIC PLAYING] A Monday matinee, rare
time for a hockey game. But here we are, the Virginia
Cavaliers, the number four team in the country, playing
host to Pacific, 26-40 left in the first half. Ball knocked down for Shanahan,
touched by one defender. Shanahan shuffles
it towards goal. Saved on the first shot, but
a rebound to the back post, and Anzel Viljoen taps it
home, a goal for Virginia. And it’s 1-0. –Leach. Ball knocked down,
shout at the angle, kicked away by Carerra Lucas. Viljoen, who has the goal in
this game, plays it across. Vittese has a
swing, and it’s in. Tara Vittese. And the goal does stand. Down for Vittese. No, shuffle to side
to van Slooten. It’s deflected in
front by Pien Dicke. And a goal for Virginia,
some beautifully executed penalty corners. That’s the only time
Virginia’s been able to score. And it’s 3-0. Ball knocked down for
Viljoen, and the shot sneaks by van Tonder. Tried to get it forward,
knocked down by Nthabi Maine. Back to Dicke, shoots. What a save! No, it trickled in anyways. Van Tonder laid out,
made contact, but not enough to stop the bullet
shot from Pien Dicke. Pien Dicke into the middle,
setting up a back-handed shot. It’s right in the bottom
corner, touched by a defender. And Pien Dicke polishes off a
hat trick, one of the best goal scorers in the entire country. Knocked down for van Wyk, and
the shot saved by Hausheer and then deflected off
an ankle of the Tigers. What a save by Hausheer. This one’s knocked
down for Burns, has a swing kicked
away by Hausheer. Another save for the freshman. Still alive, shot
saved by Hausheer. Burns has it again,
chips it over.

FIELD HOCKEY: Pacific Highlights
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