My name is Tres Tew. I’m an instructor here
at Yeshua’s Ryu Martial Arts and on behalf of Expert Village, today I’m going to be talking
to you a little bit today about stick fighting or Escrima stick fighting. Okay, quickly,
I want to summarize what we are going to be going over in the next couple of clips. These
are Escrima sticks but the beauty about these is that these can be picked up about anywhere;
sticks out in the woods, a piece of iron pipe, and whatever you know can be applied to self
defense. If someone attacks you…you don’t have a weapon and they do, you can just pick
up something up off the street and go to town with it. We are going to be talking about
using one stick as opposed to two. If you have one stick, what you can do with it are
the blocks, strikes, tricks. Everything you can do. These are generally about…I want
to say thirty inches. But they vary. Again, you can use just about whatever you want to;
chair legs, lead pipes, crow bars, anything on hand that you need to defend yourself.
If someone pulls a knife on you, if they have a baseball bat, you need something. Just pick
up whatever is lying around. Again, these are very useful things for self defense. We
are going to be going over a lot of tricks, striking, everything that you can do, trapping;
things like that. It will be good. Again, stay safe as you train with these. Also, I
recommend getting foam Escrima sticks. They are just pretty much, plastic sticks covered
with foam to keep training a little bit safer.

Fighting with Escrima Sticks : Learn about the Basics of Escrima Stick Fighting

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