the first step is to find and
choose material for making traps (bamboo) Bamboo is quite old with the following characteristics
& caution bamboo thorn can make you itch hit bamboo stems, old stems will
sounds louder & usually the skin lids
weathered or fragile clean the banbu stem, so that makes it easier
the cutting.
and be careful of your position, don’t get too close pull, cut bamboo stems
and clean the small branches a river for trapping and the current is not too heavy bark can be used as a bunch
bamboo sticks scratch it at the bottom, and take it
just enough tied in several parts, front, middle, and
back, so that it’s easy to carry Irlift in the middle, so it is balanced cut and cut into several parts choose the appropriate & good trap to make choose enough, set aside the rest for something else look and cut the segment look and thin shape in front and thick behind flexibility test, aiming flexibility
to reduce the tug of fish sharpen the back for easy use
by the river after completion, continued hook installation
and thread on the trap prepare a hook and yarn hook size, can be used number 6,7, – 20 and above depending on the spot and game fish
cultivated hook is not too small cut the yarn, 40 cm and tie the hook
at the end of the thread strong ties are cultivated, so they don’t come loose then, tie the other side of the benag at the end
a small / thin trap back to the river,
install and test traps for bait can be used live bait,
small frogs, insects, / small fish attach the bait at the top of the frog’s hind legs
appropriately so as not to die easily install and prepare everything
for easy set a trap Steep terrain possible
a little to bother you install on the edge with the bait distance
from the river mouth about 30 cm position the live bait right on the water
let it move & lure predatory fish after installation is complete
get away from the location immediately slightly away and wait for the bait to eat predatory fish

Fish trap perangkap ikan Use bamboo sticks & hooks to catch fish

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