I’m using FitLine products for nearly 10 years. I got to know them through the Ice Hockey Federation. I use them for different occasions. Mostly after a match when I’ve Iost a lot of liquid After training to refill my body with minerals My favorite product is Activize before a game. Because it really gets things started. These products are really important for us professional athletes. We go to our limits and… its also good to refill recharge the batteries after a game. To be able to give everything in the next games. Hello everybody. My name is Marcus Kink. I play for the “Mannheim Adler” team and the German National Team. Today Iwould liek to briefly introduce you to FitLine. Its a great product The products are mostly packed in Germany and they are really important to us Athletes. I usually start my day with PowerCocktail for the perfect start in the day. In the evening before going to sleep I take Restorate It helps to have a deeper sleep and I just feel well when waking up in the morning and it helps my organism for regeneration. It is important to me as a sportsman and a private person I can only recommend it to everybody, just try it out, you’ll like. Have fun and greetings from the National Team! More than 100 million products have already been sold to hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide who use FitLine products daily. You too can benefit from them.

FitLine Testimonial | DEB German National Ice Hockey Team
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