I have a dress, I played for Liberec you´re late and only two? are you fucking kidding me? there you have hockey kits Hi guys welcome to the new video finally is here Fitness vs Hockey it´s fucking difficult but we are preparing to the fight against Vsetín today so here we go hi man…where is Bender? I don´t know but it´s cold it´s 7 a.m., we haven’t shooted that early he´s certainly sleeping hi guys so here we go What are you wearing ? it´s dress, I played for Liberec but we are in Litoměřice here they will beat you for it you think so? take it off ok, can you help me? we are late again we are late keep calm hockey players, they have harder siringes they are hard men wait for me, I don´t want to be last guys, where are you? coach is already waiting for you so dress up and go to the gym to them so guys, this is your place you have shorts, t-shirt here change your clothes and they are already waiting for you,
you have a 10 minute delay can I put my own ice-skates on? yes and dress? dress you get and is Hnilička here? I want his signature
on dress he doesn’t play here anymore he’s a little old but you’re right, he’s here from us so you have plus points from us he took the dress like troll and they praise him it´s not true, this was my plan I´m sick hey man, someone here is called like Duklock yes it´s he, I´m his biggest fan hi guys, enjoy it we´ll see on Discord tonight he plays hockey? I don´t know, he´s your friend no he is not, I use him only for views I like him I subscribe him guys you are beautiful but you are really late so go to the gym they are waiting for you you don´t have bigger size of t-shirt ? you are late so what are expecting? guys you are late it doesn´t work like this now I was explaining what we will doing you are late you are unlucky you have to warm up it looks that you know what to do mainly Peťa so warm up and then you join us today will be different training than normally, because… because we are not in fighting mode so I choosed different training today such a circuit training they are not used to it you certainly yes I think that it will be fine for you I know just that bike I have 1000 hours played in NHL and in that they don’t do that at all I thought that they are big beasts but look at them they are like boys in school do we still have to exercise? we couldn’t play the NHL with them? It would be good I know it only from PS too what about the elbow? here is it it already beeps it already beeps and where is Jágr? he promised me that he will be here he’s just hurt it’s fairly good and now up yes it looks better look like he´s jumping under the basket maybe he jump through Péťa not now I only tried it these arms I think I found myself in it it looks easy but it´s not no one is looking that’s too many things at once I can do only two moves, up and down jump and push-up he´s angry coach or Peťa? both I´m done on every station 2x you are 3 so it´s easier for you what´s easier you aren´t able to move from one station to another how do you feel? Pavlis did you ever seen someone physic worse than me? yes and whom? now I can’t remember but there were a lot you know it, you can teach him it´s not possible, I tried it good for now but I woke up at 5 a.m. and I wanted to see Jágr but he´s not here so I don´t know but I´m here you are only Jarda, but not Jágr these are some special crossfit exercises guys, well done except for the late arrival you will deal it with our cashier you get a fine these are the rules second thing I explain the exercise and it takes you a long time to move you go on the ice with us?…yes, coach can you ice-skate?…no so this was fine but on ice will be fun Kuba, throw the smash to the basket it was hard right? these pauses were goodm we were 3 so it was easier than others it was super, I want to do it everyday and it´s 7 or 8 o´clock, I usually sleep in this time and now ice I can´t skate I was skating only once in my life so it will be funny I was skating maybe 2 years ago I played NHL I played NHL too NHL is shit I mean game, not normal hockey hey guys, what´s wrong ? what´s the time? they’re all on the ice there you have hockey kits and in 5 minutes you will be on the ice how do you want to catch up with that condition? I don´t want you don´t want? Peťa has condition for 3 I don’t know what to wear finally, this is how it should look this is how it looks in the hockey dressing room not like that mess before Mirek keep an eye on them that’s how it’s set up here, that’s how it works here do you understand it? yes I hope this is the last time I have to tell you something yes coach yes sir we hope too so sit down and here we go Have they ever been nice to us somewhere? I think that Pavlis pays them to be mean to us so guys, joking aside,
dress up and go to the ice I don’t know what to start with cover what you have the most valuable so head, take a helmet yes of course head, but you another head how much does a complete hockey kit weigh? about 10kg Is it allright like this ? someone wears it that way, but everyone is exceptional and these are suspenders exactly,
you put that around you what if you need a toilet in it? so you take it off and you go can’t it go in it? you can try it but I don´t recommend it and whose is this?
isn’t it yours? you can do it I can’t bend over this the skates are the same, but each is different aren’t both left? only you are left I have the same problem you dress like sixty-year-old grandfathers the training is already half an hour, after a while it is over why did you come here? down too? it´s individual this is worse than equipped powerlifting I never do it before, I only tried it but if they train every day and they have to dress it up this every day it would only be enough for me to dress it up every day I wanted 68 who has 68? Jarda I rather like 69 where is the third one? you are late and only 2 it takes him a long time so it will be punishment for you because you are late and only two come on ice I’ll look at you you only start from gate and stop on red line and go back

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