[Music] floor hockey is Special Olympics version of ice hockey but without the ice okay very similar thighs hockey most of the rules are the same and fouls violations penalties almost all the same as ice hockey they accept is played with a fealty a felt bump not a hard rubber puck and the sticks dude don’t do not have blades on it that just straight sticks and you control the puck by putting the stick in the hole in the middle of the puck and you move it around and you can shoot it simply by controlling it by putting the stick in the hole most everything else is very very similar to ice hockey [Music] to make sure if there’s a question if a goal was scored at the very end of the time maybe they didn’t hear the the officials maybe they didn’t hear the whistle but they saw the visual cue and it helps them make a judgement whether or not the goal was valid or not so they throw a towel or in this case a doll so they have a visual cue plus the auditory to look cute how long have I been with Special Olympics forty-three years in spite of my youthful appearance [Music]

Floor Hockey I Graz, 19.03.2017
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