You’ve got to put it in your mouth. It’s impossible to speak with this kind of thing. Left, left, left. Turn left! – Hi David.
– Hello. You speak Slovak? As well. Okay. How are you? Very good. You know this place, this is called Kulturpark Košice.
Formerly we used to train our soldiers here. But now it’s a gallery, a very modern gallery and we train the hockey players here to be more civilized. Would you invite all the French people to come to Košice and see the World Championship? Of course. Okay, go ahead! Hello France! I invite you to join me… David, you have to do it with the mouthguard. Yeah? Hello France! I invite you to join me for the Ice Hockey World Championship here in Košice in 2019 and to win against Slovakia! Cool. You can keep it. Yeah. Thanks.

France, bienvenue à République de Hockey | Visitez et profitez de Košice
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