Today we play the team
in first place, Mannheim. We’re right behind them. This game could be very special. It’s a battle of Germany’s
ice hockey heavyweights. Every detail matters in this game.
Every duel can decide it all. There’s no bigger matchup
than this one right now. I spent my whole career in Mannheim
before coming to Munich four years ago. My hockey childhood is tied to Mannheim.
It’s always very special for me. FRANK MAUER
EHC RED BULL MUNICH We are reigning champions,
and we want to win it again. I feel at home here.
I’m comfortable here. We like Munich. And I see
that the fan base in Munich has changed. Success has clearly buoyed our team. When I got here people often asked me
if there was an ice hockey team here. Our daughter was born here. We’re both from Heidelberg,
so we’re newcomers. But that ties us to Munich forever,
and that’s really nice. My brother lives here too,
and his son was born in Munich. It’s not that usual for brothers
to follow the same path in life. I was in such a hurry to park here once
that I nearly hit the bollard. Really, this close to my car! Boy! I lucked out. That would have ruined my day. Morning! Good morning! Our daily routine. Good morning. We lift in two groups
because our weight room isn’t very big. I’m in group two.
The times are here, 9:15 and 10:00. 15 minutes on the bike,
then it says I have four sets of six… What are they called? Squats.
What’s the German for squats? No, “squats” isn’t German.
Kniebeuge! Thanks! It’s extremely important for us
to show Mannheim that we can beat them
and want to beat them. Dealing with losing, admitting
you fell short that day is part of it. My biggest loss
was to Berlin with Mannheim. We were up five to two
with twelve minutes left. If we had won
we would have been German champions. The game played out, Berlin tied it up. We lost in overtime.
That set things in motion. I said, “Maybe I’ll never win anything.” In that moment I thought, “No way! If I can’t win a final
like that I may never win one.” I didn’t know if I’d be in one again. Munich wins game seven six to three! You work for it for so long
and don’t win a thing, then suddenly you’re there. And now four in a row.
I’m so proud to be part of it. I’ve played on great teams.
We’re going to celebrate! Here are my
framed German championship medals. They’re from 2014, 2015,
all the way through to 2018. Here’s my recently acquired
Champions League silver medal. Gold would’ve been nicer. Here’s the absolute highlight.
The Olympic silver medal is in here. It holds special memories. Now you want to come up, huh? -What?
-Too. Too? -What do you want?
-Dada goal. “Dada goal,” yeah. Daddy… That’s Daddy, right? Is that Daddy? Yes. There. I was proud I could share that with her.
That’s not a given. She didn’t really know it, but I think
when she sees the pictures later that we’ll both be happy we could share
that with her as a family. Yeah. I was lucky
to have played on great teams. You never win titles alone.
It’s a team sport. You have to be lucky enough
to play on the right team. So I can count myself lucky to have been
a working part of this team. I have to stress that, because saying “I won the titles”
has no place in a team sport. What’s distinguished him
in recent years is the big moments. He is always a player who can score
or make the decisive play. That’s the mark
of a championship player. Players have lots of ups and downs
over a season, but in the games that count,
the decisive games, he’s always a player who stands out. -Hi.
-Hey! Oh, nothing inside. -Hi.
-Hi. Hello! Right, I hope you like it, honey. Love, love, love! I’m a fan of short answers.
Short and to the point, like my texts. Well, if I want to know details,
then I ask Steffi Wolf. She always knows what’s what
and when what is happening where. As a rule,
Frank tells me five minutes beforehand and no more than 24 hours before. But… -But she knows.
-I find out before. That’s true. I want her to grow up carefree,
to go out with her, to show her a lot. We want to nurture and challenge her. I can definitely tell it’s good for me. I felt more ready as it got closer.
I can’t imagine not having her. It’s no doubt one of the most beautiful,
formative things to ever happen to me. Interestingly, he was always very small. He’s one of the bigger players now,
but he was much smaller than the others. But he was very self-confident. I study sports management in Wismar. I’m nearly done.
I don’t have many more classes to take. I’m about to write my Bachelor’s thesis. These are my last classes. I take the exam tomorrow, in Munich. Education is never a waste of time. I get a certain amount of gratification
from success in my studies too. It’s important we keep the chance alive
to win the regular season, but also that we go out
and show Mannheim that we can beat them
and that we want to beat them. WELCOME It’s still weird to be on the other side
after so many years here. Hey, there. Hi. My parents still live here.
My brother drove over from Munich. It’s nice to see
familiar faces watching. It’s always nice.
It’s a homecoming for me. It’s my hometown, it’s home.
That’s obvious. He learned to play ice hockey here. I know coming here
is always special to him. Family is watching. I wouldn’t miss it.
I drove over from Munich just for this. And, yeah, I do think he’s tense, but that fades once he’s on the ice. Everything’s set to go for this matchup
between the league’s top two teams. This is as big as it gets! A shorthanded goal for Munich! He looks for the puck. Where is it?
And then it’s in the net. That’s it! The big game is over. Munich steals three points in Mannheim. We’re going
in the right direction as a team. We were playing sloppy a few weeks ago,
but we’re on the right path. We’ve scored lots of goals.
Today we defended well. Against a tough team
like Mannheim that was key. My parents aren’t in Munich often. They always took me to play hockey. I’m always grateful they did that
or I wouldn’t be here. Being able to play in Mannheim and having them watch me
is still really nice. Maybe that way I can give something back
to my parents.

Frank Mauer: 4maliger DEL-Champion & Silbermedaillengewinner von Pyeongchang | Breaking the Ice

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