welcome back everybody to Ewigleben Ice Arena Harrison Watt here, Connor Pyrc he’s joining me in just a moment here on
Flohockey we’re back in Big Rapids here at a Ewigleben Ice Arena it is
nice to be home first time in just about a month bulldog getting set to take on
the Minnesota State Mavericks here on flohockey TV faked away from Michaelis
stretch pass here’s Melton on a breakaway Frankie is free he’s in he shoots
and he hit the post Frankie Melton wide open nobody around
loose in front of the crease it is blown dead is Dryden McKay made a nice stop
there middle Gerads turned over to Tackett try to poke it through trouble
now here’s Michaelis michaelis is on a breakaway michaelis all alone backhand
saved by Kapelmaster and a beauty come out steal a game for you and he’s certainly
put on a good performance early turnover in the low slot there lots as in shoots
and scores stopped in the corner back can’t pass up top here’s Tierney with
room Tierney fires her traffic scores Zach Tierney bullets at home from the
blue line Ferris State on the board they’ve cut the maverick lead in half
Mackay has it in his own corner near side Mack and fires a sharp angle shots
sticked up in the air it’s loose in the crease shot saved by Mackay the goal
light went on they have kept it alive here around the goal mac it turned it in
front covered by McKay Dryden Mackay just made an unbelievable stop that
could have been the tying goal for Ferris State Zac thought about the shot
now he does shoot stuff like it’s guards tipped in front were all tied at two it
snuck between the wickets of Dryden Mackay and we’ve got ourselves a
ballgame at five seconds to go in regulation rim back behind the maverick
goal and we are headed for the extra session here it’s sudden death from Ava
glam and Ice Arena shot gave it across the shy-shy thought about the shot again
he got petit in front of him dancing away through traffic scores
never saw it and it snaked its way through the legs of Capitol Master unbelievable finish to this one

FSU Hockey vs. Minnesota State Highlights 1-11-19
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