welcome back to Ewigleben Ice Arena, alongside my partner Connor Pyrc, Ferris State set
to take on the Michigan Tech Huskies here in Big Rapids looking for the weekend
split, Connor should be a good one here three on three rush up the left
wing side golden to the middle for Smith Smith in the back head turned towards a
goal a score down in front looks like that Tommy
parity no is left open to the right side of the cave for Michigan Tech Bulldogs
trying to move this passive box Norris one-timer scores oh that’s a bomb
Oh Laura’s called at this morning said he was going to score he buries it on
the powerplay shot that puck act was unbelievable they passed it back and
forth a couple times Cole Norris saw the look that he wanted
and absolutely Griff that one in there nice job by Cole Norris letting that one
fly and tying this one back up for the Bulldogs he’s got a break deck behind
the defense that kids in looking for the trailer it’s Furniture Furniture shoots
and scores Jason burns or with another one second
of the weekend 2-1 gone by 1/3 power play for 27 seconds Zach to Kalin
one-timer scores Oh Nate Callen 3-1 dogs on the power
play the defensive pairing of Cooper is SEC and make Callen continues to be
electric for the Bulldogs another prime example of a right there
the chemistry that these two have built this season this passing it back and
forth and absolutely ripping it home there for the Bulldogs it is the third
point of the night each for Cooper’s eken Nate Callen who blasted it past
Matt – ruzek mac and provided the screen in front and the dogs are on the
powerplay for another minute 51 up three to one
Luchini drops it down low smith cuts towards the goal of diving play by Yoder
to keep them behind it Donahue has it far side Luchini
one-timer scores Jake blue teeny bullets at home from the
same spot : believe up by one goal you really got to
work on extending that lead early on turn shoots and scores
Dylan stamen is tie it up there off the rebound as the Bulldogs lost the faceoff
and Michigan Tech is tying this one up at three great the Huskies have scored
two straight to even this up stamen dropped it back to bliss ran into Zach
Zach this one fired towards a goal stop rebound score Jacob Feeney tempted home
and Selman pingas didn’t control his rebound bliss is on it
Trenton blitz wraps around to the far side did Kalyn get there Luchini
plays it to the top but not out and now it will come to stamen forward here went
with a nice hint Luchini in the offensive zone poked away from him I
went 8 seconds to go went to the near side penalty on Ferris State and that
will do it well it was a hard-fought weekend but
the Bulldogs fall short by one goal each night and I don’t know be disappointed
with that too gonna have to go figure it out

FSU Hockey vs MTU Highlights 11-10-18
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