Gareth Thomas has credited husband Stephen for supporting him as he went public with his HIV diagnosis  The former rugby international, 45, confirmed he is living with HIV in September, after secretly living with the virus for years  And he believes announcing his positive status to the world has helped strengthen his relationship with Stephen, who does not have the virus The retired sportsman told OK!: ‘He has been a beacon of light for me. Stephen was the only reason I got through the dark times   ‘I think our relationship is unbreakable because of what I’ve been through ‘  Stephen, 56, added that he was full of pride for Gareth, who announced his HIV status shortly before participating in a gruelling Ironman Triathlon  ‘I genuinely think it’s going to save people’s lives,’ he said. Thomas made the decision to reveal that he has tested positive for the virus after being threatened with blackmail, and Stephen admitted seeing his husband in that position was ‘heartbreaking ‘ He added: ‘I was trying to support him and hold him, but it was the most horrible time I just thought, how can somebody put him in that position? It was horrendous.’  The Welsh rugby legend had previously sobbed as he bravely appeared on This Morning to discuss why he didn’t go public about living with the virus two years ago Fresh from completing an Ironman Triathlon, he told Philip Schofield and Holly Willoughby that he didn’t want loved ones to be scared of catching the illness  ‘When people find out they look at you differently, treat you differently or they act differently,’ he said ‘I didn’t want my brother, who didn’t have the knowledge of it, to be afraid of me cuddling my niece ‘He told the show that he wanted to hold people without them fearing him due to misconceptions about HIV being so easily passed  Since going public with the news on Sunday, he has been praised for his bravery by admirers including Princes William and Harry  He hopes that the revelation, and the acceptance that it generates, will fight anxieties about HIV that result from misinformation Though he admitted his diagnosis two years ago felt like a death sentence, he says he soon found that, with the right medication, it was manageable to the point that he does not suffer symptoms   ‘It is not connected to death it is connected to life and that is what I’m doing to the max,’ he said  ‘I’m not afraid anymore – I did a freaking Ironman yesterday.’ Thomas completed the challenge in Tenby, Pembrokeshire, in 12 hours and 18 minutes He aimed to challenge preconceptions that people living with HIV are weak with his show of strength   ‘A guy from Bridgend without a single GCSE to his name for one moment changed the world,’ he said  

Gareth Thomas reveals husband Stephen has been a ‘beacon of light’
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