Georgians Started Kicking Out Russians Over Russophobic Behavior Exile from the Moscow club “Glory” turned for two Georgian rugby players a demonstration of “support to the people of Georgia.” Now Revaz Brodzeli and Saba Ioseliani will have to make a sporting career somewhere else… An example of how to deal with the Euro-Georgians over Russophobia antics was shown by the leadership of the Moscow Rugby Club “Slava”. It ripped up the contracts with the players that allowed themselves to gesture support over the anti-Russian protests in Georgia. This is how the exit of Brodzeli and Ioseliani looked like on the field: [Ed. – The one hand over eye gesture, which is also an esoteric occult symbol which can be seen often with celebrity images.] This gesture was addressed to blame Russia for the so-called “occupation of 20% of Georgia’s territory.” Which is constantly used by the disorderly protesters in Tblisi. This is how it originally looked like. For it to be understood that it was exactly that gesture, here is a link to the Instagram of Rezo Gigineishvil, who accepted money from [Russian director] Nikita Mikhalkov to make a film that glorifies terrorists that kept hostages over anti-Soviet agitation. Rezo Gigineishvili: After the war in 2008, I went with my film crew to Georgia to shoot the movie “Love With An Accent.” Even back then, despite the post-war period, after the shock and stress that people in Georgia obtained, I don’t remember my Russian colleagues feeling any discomfort. Then once again, I was struck by the dignity of my people. I am sure that clear-thinking people do not believe that Georgians are Russophobes. Clear-thinking people don’t watch that rubbish which is filmed under Russian budgetary money by Gigineishvili. And clear-thinking people see that this kreakl [pro-West social media instigators] didn’t write a single word about the shock and stress of Russians over the murder of Russian peacekeepers and civilian Ossetians, by those same “worthy” Georgians. By the way, he in particular was the one who filmed the Georgian “tourist commercial” by making the movie “Love With An Accent”, which had music that was paid for by the Russophobe, Nino Katamadze. So the question is about how not bad the Bohemian Euro-Georgians were able to adapt in Russia. And about the rugby players that we’re currently talking about, adapting would now probably not work. Brodzeli told Georgian journalists that “the gesture was done in support of the people of Georgia, not the politicians.” “Although, they thought the gesture was political and anti-Russian” he emphasized, commenting after the termination of their contracts. “They thought the gesture was anti-Russian ” is completely correct, because the people of Georgia who the rugby players supported, somehow crushes the uncomfortable topic of ethnic purges. Which these same people tried to arrange in Abkhazia and South Ossetia. These rugby players expressed support to these purgers, so let them play in Tbilisi then. And it would be not bad if in addition they could take the publisher of this gesture on Instagram, Gigineishvili. He unfortunately is a Russian citizen, and we can’t send him out of our country. However, we could take away his opportunities to recieve Russian budget financing for talentless, movies that are created by this kreakl. I’ll remind you what our citizens wrote about the crumpled up movie “Hostages”: With the release of Gigineishvili’s film, “Hostages”, about clergy, intellectuals and non-sympathetic terrorists that hijacked an airliner in Tbilisi in 1983, this is what I have to say about it. Terrorism is objectively really bad in the moral reasoning for their crimes. Well, specifically Mazhor’s sons that hijacked the Tbilisi airliner, even in their terrorist background were unthinkable brutes. Two passengers and two crew members were shot by them immediately. Those killed weren’t fighting back the hijackers, they didn’t have a chance to cry for their moms. When the hijackers realized that things aren’t going according to plan, and the pilots locked themselves in the cockpit, they out of anger started to beat the stewardess with their hands and by pistol whipping. Which the latter was even more cruel. Valentina Krutikova in the end after her torture was shot to death. Irina Himage survived because when they finished by smashing her head, she jumped out of the plane and landed on the concrete. She became handicapped for the rest of her life, since she damaged her spine. Later, these freaks didn’t even let the passengers go use the bathroom. When the Spetsnaz Alpha Group troops got on board and tied up the bandits, the entire plane stank worse than a dirty barrel. The main thing is that none of this was needed. The terrorists were children of the local nomenklatura. Ones that could travel abroad. They could have ran away from the USSR very simply, and sneakily, by posing as tourists. But they particularly wanted noise and drama. So that they could get talked about by political “big faces.” Basically, this murder, taking hostages, beating of flight attendants, all of this was started only to leave the USSR… with noise and with thunder. These scum deserved their execution by firing squad, 100 times over. So now the Moscow kreakl, Gigineishvili, who filmed a movie about the justification for Americanized teens of the Tbilisi nomenklatura, shows us on Instagram the gesture of Georgian nationalists. The same gesture that now two Euro-Georgians are now kicked out of the Moscow Rugby Club. I sincerely thank the Rugby Club “Slava” for them showing how to deal with Euro-Georgians that demonstrate Russophobia. I hope that this experience will be mercilessly used on Katamadze, but even the former money taker of Nikita Mikhalkov, and for anybody that dares to blurt out even a word on the so-called “Russian occupation of 20% of Georgia.”

Georgian Rugby Players Kicked Out For Their Russophobic Gestures (Ruslan Ostashko)
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