Being fit and healthy has so many
benefits in lots of ways. Physically, you get to run around, be healthy,
be able to do whatever you like. And mentally, to be able to get up every day and set yourself goals has been amazing for me. Playing sport and being active has helped
me both physically and mentally get through everyday life activities. Sport has been a big part of my life ever
since I was involved in a car accident in 2005. Sport was part of my rehab and
ever since, I have dedicated myself to a life full of happy and healthy living. If it’s fresh air, or in a stadium I always
get to compete with some of my best mates and have fun every day. But I just find being fit and healthy helps
me every day do many different things and I always feel healthy and upbeat and I think
that’s massive to living my life to the fullest. We’re lucky in Queensland everyone gets
around and enjoys watching sport so I think the more people that can participate in sport, the better. It’s better than just being on a computer
all day, even just being outside going for a walk is better than just staying home
doing nothing at all. Sport’s been an important role in my life in
the fact that it’s taught me heaps of values, lots of lessons as well. I’ve been able to create heaps of friendships. Hey guys, jump online and see how we can be
a better, active community. We’d like to hear from you. Go online and have your say. And shape the way that Queensland
sport and recreation is going in future.

Get Active Queensland – Sport and Active Recreation
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