Hi, Zoe here from NDIStv. Getting involved
in sport and recreation is a great way to meet new people and stay fit. We’re here
at the Disability Sport and Recreation festival in Melbourne today to find out about the great
range of sports on offer for people of all abilities. Equal access to sport is important because
it allows you to connect with your community, connect with your peers, and I’ve made the
best friends through sport that I’ve ever made. It makes me feel included, in that you’re part of a team and you’re part of a greater community. My absolute favourite sport has to be wheelchair
rugby. It’s fast, it’s full-contact, it’s strategic and I love how it really challenges
people’s perceptions of what someone with a disability can do. Sport in general changes lives. It’s important
for everyone to be involved in sport. Remember that it’s not just sports. There
are different activities, different physical activities, recreational things that you can
do that will get you out, get you moving, get you connected to your communities. For people that don’t have disabilities,
include people with disabilities. And also, people with disabilities, have a go. Focus on what you can do, rather than what
you can’t do, because there’s all sorts of different sports out there for all types
of abilities. Anyone can do whatever they put their mind
to. You don’t know how things will turn out unless you try. Well, there is no denying us Aussies love
sport, and it’s great to see how accessible so many sports and recreational activities
can be. So why not take a look in your community? You’ll be surprised to find how many accessible
sports are available to you.

Get involved – sport and recreation

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