My name is Sgt. David Denhardt and I’m a member
of the Michigan Warriors hockey team. The Michigan Warriors hockey program is a program
for disabled veterans to come out and learn how to play hockey in a recreational and developmental
atmosphere. The hockey is good. It ranges from new to pretty good players. I served
in the Marine Corp and I got a traumatic brain injury from stepping on an IED, I fractured
my foot and I had>>>>>. my leg. I was close to the explosion of a 107 mm rocket and suffer
from PTSD, TBI, I have fibromyalgia, I have nerve damage in my neck and left arm, three
bulging disks in my neck as well as seizure disorder. From severe to very moderate injuries,
everybody overall is injured from a service connected disability. I was in the army and
like a lot of these guys in this program, I have different varying injuries from hearing
loss, back injuries, different types of injuries like that. A lot of times, the guys who haven’t
been wounded, they just don’t understand what you’re going through and to me, it’s just
an honor to be able to be there for my country and for my brothers. They are, they’re a fun
bunch of guys. We have guys from all different branches of service, from the Marines, from
the Air force to the Army, and there’s a lot of good rivalry going on from inner services,
but they’re a good group of guys. It makes me smile like I’m a little kid again. It’s
just an incredible feeling to see these different guys come out from all different walks of
life, and different injuries, different skill levels of hockey and it’s just the most fulfilling
thing I have ever done in my life. We have some guys who have skated their entire lives
and we have some guys that are new to hockey, but it balances out and it’s really good competitive
hockey out there. After getting deployed in Afghanistan in 2011, and I was wounded in
2012, I thought I’d never be able to play again and this just kind of gives me the opportunity
to see that I can play at different pace, and play with my fellow veterans that I love
to play with all the time. They are a bunch of great guys, sometimes you just want to
whack them over the back of the head, but who doesn’t want to do that to their brother?
To me, if you can’t get out, and you can’t get active and you don’t test your boundaries
to see what you can and cannot do, you’ll never know. I came out, I gave it a shot,
I had a couple of bad times where I had a fall, I had a seizure, the team came together
and helped me out. I want this program to grow throughout the whole entire state of
Michigan and the lower Peninsula, the upper Peninsula. We want to have ten different teams
in this entire state. They’re all a bunch of great guys, I love em’. We’re the Michigan
Warriors hockey program proud to nominated for the Veteran of the Year!

GFA 2015 – Michigan Warriors Hockey – Veteran of the Year
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